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Baby quilt

Recently, I finished a baby quilt that I gave as a gift to the newborn son of a dear friend.  This quilt uses the same pattern that I developed for a double-gauze quilt (HERE) and used for a couple other quilts (sandpipers, vehicles) after that.  This quilt is made from regular quilting cottons that I collected from a few different stores.  I based the colors off of some photos my friend sent me of their nursery decor.


The backing is a solid-ish teal color that coordinates with the dark teal on the front, and you can see the straight-line quilting that I did along the seams of the piecing on the front.


I love doing scrappy bindings on my quilts– I think it adds whimsy and interest…


…and I love how it looks when the quilt is folded.


Of course, I wanted to add a little tag to commemorate the gift, so I did some embroidery with my machine.  On one side, the tag says “with love 2019,”


and on the other side, “from the strands.”


I hope my friend and her little boy will love using this quilt– for tummy time, for snuggle time, for reading time, for comfort time, for picnic time.  It’s a quilt to be used and used some more, and I hope that they will make many wonderful memories with it.


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This monogram for a sweet baby girl of dear friends is a little bit different from my previous swirly ones.

floral "P" monogram

I decided to make a little bouquet of paper flowers in the center of the letter.  I added some ferny leaves and some viney leaves (technical botany terms, of course ;-)) to curve around the upper part of the “P” shape.


The effect is quite dimensional, and I really love how it turned out!


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I have a list of projects that I’ve completed over the past few months to share here on the blog… I’ve been so busy crafting (and doing LOTS of other things, too, of course…) that I haven’t been very diligent in keeping up with my blog.  But in the next number of posts, I’ll be sharing some of those projects here.  

Back in April (wow, that was a while ago now!), I finished up this monogram for a lovely little baby girl I know.


I designed the R with its swirls, and the baby’s lovely mama chose this color scheme.  Since she is a local friend, she also was able to choose her background pattern in person, which was fun.  I love those stripes!


I love popping the letter up from the background using foam adhesive.  It just adds a little extra something that makes the monogram a bit more special!


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Floral baby card

I made this baby shower card for a friend of mine who just had her baby girl!

I went looking for inspiration on my “Scrap” board on Pinterest, and in browsing through my pins, I saw several that heavily influenced my design:

You can see that I took the ideas of floral clusters around the sentiment as my inspiration…


I had a floral sticker sheet that had orange, yellow and pink blooms on it, so I chose a patterned paper that brought out the pinks in the flowers that were more predominantly orange.  I made a little cluster, adding foam behind some of the blossoms for extra dimension.

I added die-cut feathery leaves for more texture, and I put everything on top of a doily  that I stitched onto the white background in a spiral.  The sentiment is actually another sticker that I trimmed to be more narrow and then clipped into a banner shape.


I really like how this one turned out, and based on the number of cards that I’ve pinned with a similar design, it seems to be something that my eye gravitates toward!  I will definitely be using this design idea in the future!


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These two monograms are for some dear twin girls that will arrive soon!  I was so happy to be able to make them for their sweet mama, who is a good friend of mine–we go back to when we were both two years old!


I’d never made a “C” monogram before, and when I finished with it, I decided to redesign my “A” so that it would coordinate better with its counterpart.



My friend had requested this particular color scheme for the letters, and I knew the colors of her nursery to choose the background paper, which is a lovely silver pattern from a Making Memories wedding collection.



The monograms are framed in my favorite double mat frames from Michaels (I had to search high and low for a pair of these white ones– Husband was awesome and picked them up when I put them on hold at a store close to where he works).



These were made with much love and prayer.  Best wishes to you, my friend, and your sweet girls!  I am so happy for you!



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Lots of babies being celebrated!  I made some more baby shoes and cards recently…

for Jeremy and Jena

for Jeremy and Jena

for Jeremy and Jena

for Candace and Keith

for Candace and Keith

for Candace and Keith

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A quick post to share a few more card creations and a pair of fabric baby shoes!

Die cut butterflies layered on silver thread clusters….and some rhinestones for extra sparkle!



I enjoyed adding lots of texture and layers to this baby girl card. I think I was inspired by watching Suse Fish layer on one of her gorgeous scrapbook pages…




I made the baby card to coordinate with these cloth baby shoes!

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I wrote this blog post back in April, when I made the quilt.  The quilt has traveled halfway around the world to my friend, and I have been waiting until she received it to post about it here!

When I heard that a very dear friend of mine was expecting a baby, I knew I wanted to make her something special.  I’m not exactly sure where I first heard about double gauze quilts, but this was the idea that came to mind.  Immediately after making this one, I added a double gauze quilt to my sew-for-myself list!!  (Spoiler alert– next week, I’ll post about my own quilt!!)


The background

I did a bit of research and found that there was a very useful post on the Imagine Gnats blog about what double gauze actually is, its various applications–and most importantly, sources for the fabric!  Further perusal led me to Rachael’s post on her simple double gauze quilt, which I absolutely loved.  I decided that I wanted to make a quilt with a similar design and attempt to coordinate the quilt colors with a furniture item that my friend was receiving for her baby.

The fabric


After checking out several online sources (I couldn’t locate any nearby shops that carried it), I decided to shop at Imagine Gnats for my double gauze.  This was my very first time ordering fabric online, and I was getting a bit overwhelmed trying to put together a set of coordinating fabrics based on website photos.  However, when I emailed Rachael, she responded within 15 minutes(!!!) with very helpful clarifications and advice.  I am so grateful!  When I got billed, she even refunded me (without me even saying anything!) for  a relevant coupon code that I hadn’t been aware of until after I had placed my order.

Fabrics: Nordic double gauze: Zinc Lozenges; Nordic double gauze: carbon triangles; Kobayashi double gauze solid kelly green; Kobayashi double gauze solid light green; Kobayashi double gauze solid light grey (for back)



The construction

I cut strips of fabric straight across from selvedge to selvedge and pieced them together to create an approximately 60″ x 42″ quilt top.  I got the idea from THIS beautiful double gauze quilt to topstitch each of the piecing seams.


I used flannel for the “batting,” and discovered that my craft room table is almost perfectly sized to lay out a quilt sandwich for this size quilt!  Yay!  I used painter’s tape to secure the bottom layer (a 2-yd piece of solid grey double gauze) to the table, and then it was nice and flat and “un-shifty” to lay on the next two layers.


I pinned with straight pins, even though it was a bit prickly during quilting!


The quilting is simply straight lines about 1/2″ on either side of each piecing seam.  For additional security, I added a line of stitching in each of the large grey pattered sections, too– purposely placed off-center.


I used the scraps of quilt fabric to make a pieced binding (I really like the look of a scrappy binding…).



I also used my embroidery attachment to create a dedication tag to sew into the binding.



One thing I have neglected to mention was that I had a bit of a looming deadline for this gift!  This might be the fastest quilt I’ve ever (and will ever??) make.  I’d wanted to start it earlier, but with this-that-and-the-other going on in my life, I was delayed.  I ordered my fabric on a Saturday night and received it on Thursday.  On Thursday afternoon, I cut it out and started piecing. Friday naptime saw more piecing and topstitching of the piecing seams.  On Saturday, I made the quilt sandwich, pinned it, quilted it, made the dedication tag and binding, and machined the binding onto the front.  I spent every free moment on Sunday and Monday hand-stitching the binding so that I could mail it on Tuesday!  Special thanks to my friend B who stopped by at very last-minute notice to take photos of me holding the quilt so that I could have some of its entirety!!

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Baby girl shoes

Recently two of my friends had baby girls! I stole some time and made a pair of baby shoes for each new little one.


I went with a grey and yellow color scheme because I thought it might be nice to be a bit different. I hope that the shoes will match an outfit or two that they have!




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In keeping with “tradition,” Husband and I made freezer-paper-stenciled onesies for our little boy 🙂



While we were at it, we made a couple onesies for a little boy born to one of Husband’s coworkers.




As before, I used my Silhouette to cut out the stencil designs from the freezer paper (shiny-side up, so the ones with text had to be mirror-images).  The part that took us the longest was probably deciding on which designs to choose!  I love that little robot— he’s my first real purchase from the Silhouette store, and he was totally worth it.   So adorable!  All the other designs have been made from freebie designs, True-Type fonts or designed by us from scratch.

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