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(Where’s part 1 you ask? I haven’t made it yet– but it’s high on my list! Hopefully it will be coming soon!)

For now, let me show you these two coordinating 6×12 pocket inserts for the February section of my 2019 everyday life album. (Part 1 will be on the front side of the “Snow Day” 6×12, and Part 4 will be on the back side of the “Snow Family” 6×12.)

I created these two pages using the recipe challenge Jen Schow posed in her Use It or Lose It Facebook group for March Scrap-Madness:

Even though this is a pocket page, I started out with a 12×12 sheet of white textured cardstock, which I cut into pieces to fit in each of the pockets. I used very tiny paper scraps– I’m definitely getting down to the dregs of the kit I put together for this February section! It is so satisfying to use things up.

I used 5 alphas– four of them came from one sticker sheet in the BasicGrey Highline collection kit, and one is a pack of puffy Thickers.

If you count each enamel dot separately, I used 17 embellishments, including some positively ancient embossed white metal brad charms from Making Memories!

My dash of black comes in with the labels, the date stamping, and my journaling…

…and the underside of the flip up on the lefthand side of the spread.

Finally, I stamped and heat-embossed white snowflakes (from a stamp set I had never used, even though it’s been in my stash for ages!!) onto scraps of vellum and punched them out with a couple sizes of circle punches to tie everything together (and the little tab on my flip-up is punched, too!).

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Last year, I worked on the February section of my 2019 “everyday life” album, but I didn’t finish all the inserts I’d planned. It’s on my list of next projects for this month, and when I saw Jen Schow’s sketch challenge for March Scrap-Madness in her Use It or Lose It Facebook group, I knew that this was the perfect page to make.

I’ve had a few weeks of feeling tired and uninspired, so having a sketch to work with was a great way to get back into scrapbooking. As you can tell, I turned the sketch and flipped it, and I replaced the banners with stenciling… but I think you can still tell that I definitely was inspired by this sketch. I tried to just go for it, rather than hem and haw over decisions. After I chose my photos, I cut out my film strips with my Cameo using a cut file I’ve modified to have rectangular openings. I filled in the extra spaces with patterned paper scraps and started layering.

I like dimensional layouts, and this one is even more extra than normal! The film strips are popped up on foam, and the “create art” sticker and the feature photo are on yet another layer!

To add even more texture, I scraped gold Metallix gel through a Paige Evans stencil. I accidentally smudged a few places, so I rubbed the smushed hearts into a gold hazy cloud and tried to make it look intentional. Haha!

The journaling describes our process– this paper marbling idea was inspired by a video I’d recently watched from Adele Toomey (Inkie Quill/Let’s Get Inkie), and I loved how it turned out! In hindsight, I wish I’d saved some pieces to use on this page, but we ended up using our marbled pieces on cards!

This page uses even more of the kit of (very old) supplies I pulled together for my February section of the 2019 album. I’m definitely getting down to the dregs, and as I participate in more of Jen Schow’s stashbusting challenges this month, I hope to use it up!!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m running out of steam as I complete this last “main” page for the February section of my 2019 album. I’m also running out of supplies and fresh ideas to keep it interesting! So I turned to the Mini Workshop bonus challenge from Victoria Marie’s January crop, and it was perfect. I tried techniques in a couple of the categories of stash-busting ideas.

I layered and clustered several stickers together to embellish the pocket showcasing Husband and V at school lunch…

…and that inspired me to do some more layering of stickers, patterned paper, labels, and embellishments in some other pockets.

I am thrilled to be the new owner of a hand-me-down manual die cut machine, and so I experimented with adding texture to an otherwise fairly bland red paper that became the base layer in another pocket.

Finally, I got out the Shimelle “Head in the Clouds” stamp set I had first used for my third page in this set and used the bolder floral cluster stamp on some patterned paper to create some embellishments from my scraps.

As usual, I had more to say than would simply fit in the pockets as-is, so I made another flip-up to write about my ankle follow-up appointment. I used another washi tape hinge, but I made sure to reinforce the washi with some of my regular ATG adhesive, because while this particular tape is very pretty, it is also very not-sticky!

Speaking of journaling, in a couple of places, I had enough to say that I decided to type it up. I also wanted to keep the patterned paper on display– especially that delicious floral!!– so I printed it on vellum.

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Here is the fourth of 5 “main” pages for the February section of my 2019 “everyday” album.

As I mentioned in the previous three posts about this section, I have been using a stash kit that I assembled to use during the Victoria Marie virtual crop at the end of January. This particular layout doesn’t fit into any of the challenges, but I do credit the whole crop for getting me going! It feels really good to be working through another whole section of this album. (more thoughts at the end of this post)

The top 4×6 and two left-hand 4×3 pockets are meant to go together: they tell the story of my daughter’s preparations for the Valentine’s celebration in her classroom at school. In order to tie them together, I used the same pink patterned paper behind the smaller photos, and I used parts of the same border sticker at the top of the 4×6 pocket and the bottom of the 4×3 photo.

I’m finding the lovely Paislee Press 4×3 cards to be hard to use in this album. They are so clean and minimal, and this particular project can’t really be described as minimal, can it?! Haha! However, this card was so perfect for this photo of my kids, so I tiled it together with the photo to fit in the 4×6 pocket, bridging the seam with a cluster made from a border strip, label stamped with the date, and an arrow sticker.

There’s another flip-up on this page. As I looked at my photo captions for the story, I realized that there was more of a story to tell, so I included it underneath and added an extra photo.

…some reflections…

I’m starting to run out of steam on this set of pocket pages, I must admit. There is still one more “regular” page in this set (see my next post!), and there are two pocket inserts and two 12×12 layouts planned. Although I haven’t yet used up the stash kit I made, I’m getting much lower on supplies (especially embellishments). I will probably take a pause on this project for a bit so that I can come back with fresh eyes for the inserts and 12×12 layouts.

The original idea for this project was to be a bit of an expansion on my day-in-the-life book projects so that our everyday lives could be captured and displayed: photos+stories together in a physical format. I wanted my kids to have a better look at all the photos that I’m always taking (since they are still not allowed on my computer)! I started the project with the idea (delusion??) that I’d be making it a month or two behind when I was actually taking the photos… and we all can see how that turned out, haha!

It’s a really big project. So big. (And I have a couple other big projects on my plate at the same time.). It has taken–and will take–a lot of planning: I only have photos through April planned out and printed, though I have ephemera and lots of notes and photo captions collected for the rest of the year. There have been some moments when I start wondering whether I will actually ever fill in the rest of the months… and I still can’t guarantee that I will finish (although given my completionist personality, I imagine that I will complete it, but maybe not for years!!).

BUT. I am so glad that I’m doing it. I (of course) didn’t fully understand it at the time: 2019 was “normal.” Even though some big stuff happened for me personally (ankle injury culminating in surgery, loss of my beloved grandfather, a trip to Germany, both kids going to school at the same time, etc.), it still was “normal.” 2020 was so wildly different. It’s been amazing to look back at the little everyday stories of our life in the “before times” and celebrate all those moments in this album project. For that reason alone, I want to keep going. Pockets still aren’t my favorite format, but they are the right format for this collection of small stories that add up to a huge whole story.

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In snippets of time over the past couple of weeks, in between homeschooling and physical therapy, I have been putting together more of the February pocket pages for my 2019 “everyday” album. When I have to do things in such small increments of free time, I find myself especially thankful for my pre-planning system and detailed captions in the metadata of my photos.

For this page, as for the other February pages, I’m using a stash kit inspired by Victoria Marie’s January crop and the scrapbook.com January Instagram challenge. That kit is made up of some pretty old items: a BasicGrey collection kit (“Highline” from 2014), stickers from an Echo Park collection kit (“Head over Heels,” introduced at the end of 2013), and some metal embossed charms and photo corner embellishments from Making Memories that predate the previous supplies by at least several years! I really wanted to get these things onto pages and into my albums instead of languishing in my stash. However, for this page, I also tried to include some newer items to meet the “Old+New Challenge” for the Victoria Marie crop.

The challenge here for me was actually finding *new* products! I don’t buy a lot of supplies, and when I have in recent months, they have been for very specific projects–that aren’t this one! haha. I hope it’s okay that I stretched the challenge to include new-to-me items: a manual die-cut machine(!!!! I’ve been wanting one for so long, and I’m so grateful to a neighbor in our local Buy-Nothing group for giving one to me!!!!), a cloud embossing folder by Darice (that same kind neighbor also gave me some embossing folders with the machine), the Elle’s Studio “MINI Dated” stamps I purchased with the intent of using them in this album and had never opened until this last week, and a set of Shimelle “Head in the Clouds” stamps that I purchased for my Disney 2016 album but broke open for the first time to use on this layout. Does it also count that I used a new trimmer that my parents gave me for Christmas?

At the top left of this layout, I included an envelope to hold some valentine notes from my children and Husband. I wanted it to exactly fit that 4″x6″ pocket, and I wanted to use my envelope board.

After a quick internet search, I discovered that there is an app called “Envelope Generator” from American Crafts to generate the paper size and board marking for any card size (in 1/8″ increments). It doesn’t have an option to calculate backward from the finished envelope size, so I had to do quite a few tests on scrap paper to determine the parameters… but it didn’t take me too long to figure them out. Here they are (for those keeping score, this corresponds to a card size of 5 5/8″ by 3 5/8″ in the app):

For an envelope to fit in a 4″x6″ pocket:
use paper size 7.75″ square and the punch guide marking at 3.25″

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Right on the heels of the first pocket page for February 2019 section of my 2019 “everyday” album, I completed this second one, using the same stash kit– the goal is to use up those supplies and get them into my albums!

Specifically on this layout, I used border stickers and branding strips to add borders to embellish my pockets for the “Border to Border” challenge in the Victoria Marie January 2021 virtual crop. Perhaps it is a bit of a stretch, but focusing on that challenge helped me to put those strips and stickers to use!

The border stickers are on the outside of flip-ups…

…and underneath, when the photo isn’t wide enough to fill the pocket.

I also used a lot of the tiny letter stickers in the BasicGrey collection pack to add extra words/mini titles to some of my pockets:

This long speech bubble was great for writing about my February 2019 projects.

And I used another one of those brad charms with this label!

I really like how this stash kit is making me USE things! And since it coordinates with the January 2021 scrapbook.com instagram challenge, I’ll be entering this layout there, too.

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Participating in the Victoria Marie January 2021 virtual crop really got me digging into my stash to use older products– really use them and not just hoard them. I’m realizing more and more (and this is NOT a new idea!) that if I love a product, I really need to USE it, so that it’s showcased in my finished albums, not stashed away on a shelf where no one will ever see it.

I realized this was the perfect opportunity to create little stash kits of old products to use in my 2019 everyday album. When I made my January 2019 pages, I found that I was much more successful for having limited myself to a (very old) Studio Calico kit– and not only did my pages come together quickly and cohesively, I also USED products that had been languishing in my stash for no good reason!

So for my February 2019 pocket pages, I challenged myself to use a bunch of old products. I posted this in my Instagram stories before I started:

As you can see, I’m challenging myself to use an old, partially-used BasicGrey collection pack (Highline), leftover stickers from an Echo Park collection pack (Head Over Heels), some cute 3×4 journal cards from Paislee Press, and some very, very old Making Memories embellishments (embossed eyelet charms that attach with brads and some pink+silver metal photo corners). The color scheme also coordinates with the January 2021 scrapbook.com instagram challenge!!

Specifically on this first pocket layout, I used brads (the brads that attach the charms), vellum, and labels for the VM crop “Buttons, Ribbons, and Brads…Oh My!” challenge.

This is the first page of the month, so I have a title card, which I cut with my Cameo 3 using the Orris Root font. I used the offset tool to slightly thicken it so that it would be a bit more stable when cut.

This album is going to have a lot of interactive flaps, and this page is no exception:

I used the brads+metal charms to emphasize the point of a photo…

and also to hold the vellum journaling in place:

I used a lot of embellishment stickers, and I included my journaling on a big label sticker as print-and-cut labels that I keep stocked on my craft desk

It was so exciting to finish this page that I immediately worked on the next one, which I will highlight in my next post.

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What a week it’s been!  Virtual distance learning has officially started this week for my kiddos, and I’m spending a LOT of time working through that with them, but somehow I managed to put this page together in a few spare moments.


Part of the reason it was so easy to put this one together was because it was for lesson number one of Shimelle’s free class, “Timeless Layout Techniques” at scrapbook.com.  I watched the lesson with my kids at the beginning of last week (more on that later in the post), and I have been mulling over how I’d put together my layout ever since.

One evening, I only had a few minutes to myself, and I pulled out some photos I printed a while ago, and I selected single photos that would work for this design.

In another moment, I got out a few collection kits and kit club kits that I have stashed away…


…and in another moment, I matched up a photo with a kit of supplies…


And with the design already determined by the class lesson, it really went together very quickly after that.


patterned paper: BasicGrey “Highline”
alphas: Echo Park “Head Over Heels,” BasicGrey “Highline,” and some ancient foam American Crafts Thickers
stickers: BasicGrey “Highline,” Bella Blvd Little Bits
washi tape: Bella Blvd “Illustrated Faith,” Michaels
other embellishments: Heidi Swapp Gold ColorShine, Colorbok Metal Dots, tissue paper

Photo Apr 29, 5 09 57 PM

Remember how I said that I had my kids watch the lesson, too?  Well, I thought this time at home might be a good opportunity to introduce them to design principles, especially as applied to scrapbook layouts.  They each have an 8″x8″ album in which to put scrapbook pages they make themselves, and when I submit photo orders, I’ll ask them what photos they’d like to have printed for their own albums.  I’m glad we had some on hand so that they could get going on this project!

With my five year old, I was a bit more hands-on, and he and I chose papers and embellishments together, I did some of the cutting, and I helped him compose his journaling.


My eight year old is a more “experienced” scrapbooker, so I let her design her page entirely on her own using her stash of scrapbook supplies.  (In fact, making this page got her so excited about scrapbooking that she went on to make two more layouts after she finished this one!)


It was really fun to work on this lesson together, and I’m hoping that we can do the next one, too!

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For this set of inserts in B’s album, I challenged myself to use a very old BasicGrey collection called Kioshi, which I got years ago in a class at a CK Convention!  I’d also acquired coordinating rub-ons in a bag of hand-me-down scrapbook supplies from a friend, and I particularly wanted to see how many of them I could use!

I started this layout at the very end of May, and due to a very busy June and a trip at the beginning of July, it took me until July 10 to finish this set of inserts!


the front of the first insert page



The inserts tell several stories: an egg hunt we attended, dyeing eggs at home, and our Easter celebration at home after church (a small egg hunt for each child).  I wanted everything to coordinate, but I also wanted to distinguish the stories, so I added titles using the letter stickers from the collection.  I used up almost all of the rub ons in the packet I had– I even cut apart a frame shape and pieced the sides together to create borders in a couple different places.


the back of the first insert page


The final page of the insert has a shaker pocket.  I used my Cameo to cut out tiny flowers from scraps of the pattern paper, and I also added some sequins, some rub-ons added back-to-back on a punched circle of white cardstock, and some green glitter.  I think I put in too much glitter, but there’s no going back now!


the front of the second insert page



the back of the second insert page


Finally, I created a coordinating card for the Easter pocket in the weekly spread– again, using a rub-on from the collection.  I simply added it to a yellow card from the Project Life Baby Edition.



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I’ve been pretty occupied with tasks and responsibilities other than scrapbooking recently, but a couple weeks ago, I just really, really wanted to make a scrapbook layout for fun (not that all of my scrapbooking isn’t fun–it really is! I just wanted to make something that wasn’t part of a larger project).  I had recently been quickly flipping through the most recent digital issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today (Spring 2019), so I decided to continue my “intentional inspiration” goal and use the magazine to directly influence this layout.

I really liked the layout by Heather Little on page 66 of the magazine– there was a grid of photos plus a some fun layering.  I knew I could translate it into a layout of my own fairly quickly.  I had some photos printed from summer 2016 waiting around, so I pulled out these ~2″x3″ photos from the night we took our kids to their first minor league baseball game.


I also am trying to be intentional about using up my stash, and when I saw the colors in the photos, it immediately made me think of the BasicGrey Highline collection kit that I‘d started using for two other layouts.  The papers had the perfect warm, sunny evening colors to coordinate with my memories from this warm, sunny evening.  I even used the big “hello” speech bubble sticker that is out of my style comfort-zone, and it looks perfect on this layout!


You can also spot some spiral paperclips embellishing the photo grid.  I was a bit stumped on what embellishments to use for this page, so I started going through my divided boxes of little bits and pieces.  I like the shine and the subtle nod to spherical baseballs.


In the end, this layout is pretty simple.  There aren’t even that many layers!  But with the colorful patterns in the papers I chose, I think simple is best, and I had lots of room to add my whole story.

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