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Wanting to dust off my crochet hooks (even though I’d sort of decided before that crocheting made me a grumpy person… maybe these will be an easier project than my previous one…I hope!).

Source: goodknits.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Thinking about how to decorate our house-to-be (a fun occupation while living in temporary housing!).
…for Vivian’s room:  high wainscoting and a lovely grey (so that it can have the same color scheme as before)

Source: thenester.com via Natalie on Pinterest

…for the downstairs 1/2 bath: tone-on-tone horizontal stripes!  perhaps in stormy-ocean-teals, or grey-blues…

Source: aaronandmelissawaldrum.blogspot.com.au via Natalie on Pinterest

…for our master bath: customize the big mirror….

Source: hometalk.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Getting motivated to actually finish the mini album I started earlier this summer.  I had stalled out because I was overwhelmed (so many photos!!), and Melissa‘s system for planning her prints was a total lightbulb moment for me.  Plus, her photo organization system in general is pretty awesome.

Source: scrappyjedi.com via Natalie on Pinterest

What’s at the top of your daydream list?

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Sometimes, you just need a really quick and easy project.

Last week, I was intrigued when I read about these necklaces on Lolly’s blog (at the end of the post).  I don’t do much crocheting these days, but I figured I could handle this!!  I pinned it to my craft board on Pinterest, but I ended up working on it almost immediately.  I just couldn’t help myself. The first one took me about a half an hour to make, and I discovered that the “pattern” given resulted in a necklace that was a bit too long for my taste.  On Thursday, I decided I needed a necklace to go with the top I was wearing, so I whipped up a new one in about 20 minutes.  Instead of 14 ch on each end of the bead section, I just made 10.  Easy peasy.

You want to make one yourself?  Watch the video HERE.  It’s really clear and well-done.

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Crochet shawl– finished!

So, I actually finished this shawl on the car ride home from our house hunting trip at the end of May.  And then I didn’t get around to finally sewing the button onto it until this Sunday evening.  And Husband was sweet enough to take photos tonight.  So here it is, at long last, my crochet shawl:



There are more photos on Ravelry…  The pattern is from the Caron yarn company: the Aphrodite Shawl.  It was a pretty hard project for me, someone who before this has only crocheted a too-small hat, a headband or two, and a few snowflakes!  But I am very pleased with the way it turned out, and I don’t think I look like an old woman wearing it 🙂

Off to bed now, for some much-needed sleep. These next two weeks–no, this next month– is going to be a doozy.

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Crochet hook clutch

I have mentioned before that my officemate J is a super fantastic crocheter.  For example, a few weeks ago, she made me this gorgeous table runner for my birthday:

detail of runner crocheted by my friend J

(isn’t it beautiful?!)

When she told me about some crochet hook cases she had seen online (and they were pretty expensive), I got excited and decided to make her one myself.  I brought some fabrics into work so that she could choose something she liked.  This is what I made:

all closed up

the inside, with a few hooks and a gauge guide to show scale

The pattern is very slightly modified from this one by Kristin Roach at Craft Leftovers, which I also used to make my own crochet hook case back in September.  It’s pretty straightforward, though I have to say, I am not yet as proficient as I wished in adding the bias binding!  It usually takes me a few tries, especially around the curved corners, but in the end, I was happy with how it looked.  It was really fun to give it to J 🙂

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Wow, can you believe that it’s April already?!  I certainly can’t.  But it’s about time for me to set some goals (we all know how much I love me some lists).  Making lists makes me happy– it doesn’t stress me out to see a whole bunch of things I want to do.  It helps me remember to finish stuff I’ve started.

So this month:

  • Make some more scrapbook layouts.  At least one.  But hopefully there will be more (it’s very likely).  It just depends on how much time I have…
  • Stay on track all 30 days with Project 365.  Not just with the cards, but with the photos, too!! This means promptly uploading photos from the camera to the computer and getting them edited and ready for printing.  (see below)
  • Work on the crochet shawl, and hopefully finish it.  I want to wear it!  And pretty soon it will be too warm for shawls, even lacy ones.
  • Keep my craft space (and our whole place) very clean and organized for future (hopefully!) showings.
  • and keep flossing!

And from last month:

March 2010 crafty goals analysis:

  • make/finish some scrapbook layouts. more than one.    Yep!  I finished 5 layouts this month, including some projects for Sharing Memories that will be posted once they are featured on the Sharing Memories blog.
  • stay on track all 31 days with Project 365: I’m on track with all my cards…But a number of photos are still on my camera ::insert embarrassed face::.  I only forgot to take a photo on one day– so at least I *have* photos.  Hopefully I’ll get those pictures organized this weekend.  The longer I wait, the less I want to do it, and I want to have photos ready and waiting whenever good print sales come up.
  • get some help and hopefully finish my crochet shawl project.  Like I mentioned in my update post, my officemate helped me find my mistake, but I have not yet had a chance to make progress on the shawl since then.
  • finish organizing the office/craft space.  Done 🙂
  • finish some sewing projects that are languishing.  I finished some of my projects, but of course, there are always more…  😉
  • I flossed every night!  😉

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A midmonth update on my March crafty goals

  • make/finish some scrapbook layouts. more than one.     I started out the month by finishing up a layout that was ::thisclose:: at the end of February.  And since that layout, I’ve made three more, plus a card.  And I will be doing even more layouts and cards, especially since I have new goodies to work with from Sharing Memories. Now if only my color ink cartridge would get shipped…
  • stay on track all 31 days with Project 365: I’m pretty much caught up so far!  And I ordered some photos the other day!
  • get some help and hopefully finish my crochet shawl project.  My super-cool-crocheter officemate and I sat down for a bit the other day and looked at the pattern, and she helped me spot a mistake I’d made– on the ends of the rows. ::sigh::  So, perfectionist that I am, I will be taking out that row and redoing it.  But now I know how to keep going to finish the shawl!  Yay!
  • finish organizing the office/craft space.  Done! 🙂  It looks great, if I do say so myself.  Now I just have to make sure to clean up after myself whenever I work on a project, in case we might have to show it.
  • finish some sewing projects that are languishing.  I made four fabric covered headbands for myself at the very beginning of the month, and I made the pillow discussed in my previous post!  Just a couple other small projects floating in my mind right now 🙂

Oh yeah, and I have been flossing every night 😉

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Here are my March 2010 crafty goals:

  • make/finish some scrapbook layouts. more than one.     It’s going to be a Crazy month here– Husband has some big stuff coming up, including his dissertation defense, plus our place is going on the market soon.  So I’m not going to stress myself out by setting a Number.  I want to enjoy my scrapbooking, however many layouts I do 🙂
  • stay on track all 31 days with Project 365: I will Not Get Behind this month.  I Will Finish This Year! (see below).  I will also write a blog post with photos of my album so far.  Really.  I know I’ve said it before, but it’s now on my master to-do list that I’m carrying around in my planner. 🙂  And what’s on that to-do list gets done 😉
  • get some help and hopefully finish my crochet shawl projectI started a shawl back in the fall (*heee* that rhymes) and got stuck because I’m confused by the pattern.  My officemate, who is a super cool crocheter, said she’d try and help me.  So I’m hoping to finish this baby up.
  • finish organizing the office/craft space.  See below.  It’s almost done!
  • finish some sewing projects that are languishing.  I have a number of sewing projects lying around that need to get finished (for instance, see my February assessment below).   Plus I have a couple of small projects in mind that should get done this month.

Do you notice a theme in my goals?  This month is about finishing stuff I’ve started.  Hopefully I can do some of that.  And another one of my goals is completely unrelated to crafting, but I totally need some accountability on this, haha– I will floss my teeth every night in March.  I hate flossing, but I also hate getting remarks about it from my dentist.  I am thankful for my good teeth, and I’d like to keep them that way.  So I will floss.  😛

February goal assessment:

  • make at least 6 new scrapbook layouts: By the end of February, I’d finished 5 new scrapbook layouts.  There are a couple in various stages of incompleteness, but I almost made my goal.
  • make at least 1 crochet snowflake: Nope.  Maybe I should set this aside for a while….
  • stay on track all 28 days with Project 365: I got *really* behind for a couple of weeks, which meant that I was increasingly intimidated by the thought of editing my photos.  But on Sunday night (yeah, the 28th), I made myself sit down and catch up.  I will be really angry with myself if I poop out on this project!  I am Caught Up.
  • keep reorganizing/cleaning up the craft area: Oh baby, did I clean this thing up.  We spent all of last weekend completely overhauling this room.  There will be a blog post about this.  It was an Endeavor.
  • complete one sewing project: done!  I made a purse and two headbands.  I also went through a pile of scrap fabric and cut out 4 more headbands and a whole bunch of fabric yoyos.  I will be finishing the headbands and the rest of the yoyos this month.
  • figure out whether we will grow any (small) plants (herbs, probably) in our balcony garden:  Sadly, we have decided that this is not a priority.  We probably won’t have a balcony garden at all this year, unless we magically find time.  I’d love to have some herbs out there, but they will almost certainly not come from seeds this year 😦

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It’s the 6th of February, and I’m just now posting about this!  But I did have them on a sticky note in my planner already, honest 😉

So here are my goals for February (just the craft-related ones):

  • make at least 6 new scrapbook layouts (I already have finished 2, if you count the one I posted about below…   and I’m going to a crop next weekend.  So I’m setting this goal a bit high.)
  • make at least 1 crochet snowflake (see below.  I want to meet my goal this month, haha!)
  • stay on track all 28 days with Project 365 (In a future post, I’m going to show some photos of my album so far!)
  • keep reorganizing/cleaning up the craft area
  • complete one sewing project
  • figure out whether we will grow any (small) plants (herbs, probably) in our balcony garden.  If so, determine when to start seeds.  It makes me really sad to think that I won’t have the full-fledged assortment of plants this year… But I’m excited about possibly moving to a new place where there will be more direct sunlight!!

And to see how I did with my goals for January:

  • make at least 3 new scrapbooking layouts :  done.  by my count, I made 9 new layouts, plus I finished one in progress from December (3 of those were two-pagers).  And I made 8 cards with varying levels of success.
  • crochet at least 2 more snowflakes for my garland : nope.  didn’t even touch them.  I’m planning on working on them during the Superbowl, though.  So we’ll see.
  • receive my Project Life kit, get it organized, and stay on track all 31 days of January : oh yeah, baby.  right on track.  I even have photos printed up through January 27 (yay for free print offers 🙂 )
  • start (and finish??) a massive reorganization of my craft area :  I started.  I got two plastic tubs and have some of my fabric already loaded into them.  And I’m getting through some WIPs (WIP = work in progress) that have been languishing.  Look for some photos of a couple of them soon.

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At the beginning of the month, I posted some crafty goals for January.  I thought I’d do an update post to keep myself accountable…

  • make at least 3 new scrapbooking layouts (this does not include pages that are currently in progress and waiting to be finished)-– I have finished a 2-pager that was in progress at the start of January, and I’ve finished 5 new layouts and one card so far.  There’s another 2-pager on my table in progress!  And there’s a card sitting in my imagination just waiting to be created.
  • crochet at least 2 more snowflakes for my garland— yeah, haven’t even touched this.  Still have 2 weeks!
  • receive my Project Life kit, get it organized, and stay on track all 31 days of JanuaryI got my kit in the mail and I’ve gotten it organized as much as I can so far.  The organization might change, but right now it’s working for me.  I am completely up-to-date on cards, and I have pictures for each day (still need to pick one from yesterday, though).  I started an album in Photoshop where they are all ready to print whenever I get some good print deals from one of the online printers I use.
  • start (and finish??) a massive reorganization of my craft area to clean it up, condense it down— I have thought about this.  Really.  There is a big pile of fabrics that keeps migrating around the room.  Maybe I’ll make an actual start on this soon…  We’ll see.  But I doubt it will get finished this month… But at least it’ll get started.

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I was thinking more about my New Year’s “resolutions” and realized that I can very easily become overwhelmed by them.  So in the interest of causing myself as little extra stress as possible (goodness knows I manage to stress myself out enough as it is), I decided to set monthly goals rather than goals for the whole year.  This way I can reassess as I go through the year.  These goals are meant to be achieveable, but also a bit challenging for myself.  I’m not going to share all of my goals here on the blog, but just the crafty ones.  So here goes…

January 2010 Crafty Goals:

  • make at least 3 new scrapbooking layouts (this does not include pages that are currently in progress and waiting to be finished).  Hopefully this will help me to make progress on my “catch-up” goal
  • crochet at least 2 more snowflakes for my garland (I definitely want it to be finished for next Christmas 🙂 )
  • receive (yes, I know that’s out of my control) my Project Life kit, get it organized, and stay on track all 31 days of January.
  • start (and finish??) a massive reorganization of my craft area to clean it up, condense it down (and purge ::gasp:: if necessary).  This is necessary since one of these days we’ll be putting our place on the market.

There.  I wonder if that’s manageable.  I certainly hope so!  I guess we’ll see.  At least the goals are here, and that makes me a little bit more likely to stick to them.  Come January 31, I have a date with this blog to assess my progress.

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