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Melissa has re-released another fantastic top pattern at Blank Slate Patterns– the Rose top (and dress!).  This knit shirt is so flattering and comfortable, and with the contrast woven neckline, the fabric combinations are seemingly endless!

For my final version in the testing process, I decided to go with a blue and white double brushed poly for the main body of the top, and I added plain white cotton at the neckline.  I chose to end my sleeve just above my elbow, but there are short- and long-sleeve options, too!





I liked my first test version so much that I finished it, as well– this is a lighter weight “mystery” knit paired with a bright patterned cotton at the neckline.  (do you recognize that grey-purple fabric? ::wink::)




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I’ve been working on this top in bits and pieces over the past couple of weeks… cutting out pieces here and there, and gradually stitching it together in increments of 15 minutes or so.  Finally over the weekend, I was able to finish it up!


This is the Blanc tee from Blank Slate Patterns (which you can get as a freebie when you join the Blank Slate Facebook group!).  I’ve made this pattern twice before (HERE and HERE), and just like those previous versions, I lengthened the main pattern by 2″.  This time, however, I added a nice deep 5.5″ circular ruffle at the arms using Melly Sew’s circle sleeve tutorial (I used this tutorial for my spacey v-neck, too!)




This top was wholly inspired by the one that Melissa posted on her instagram months ago.  I took a screenshot of it last September, and I kept seeing it in my Lightroom quick collection, reminding me of how pretty it looked, and how much I wanted to make one, too!

2018-09-12 10.38.14

I finally had some excess yardage from some other projects, and I couldn’t resist cutting it out… and then I realized that mine is a very similar color to hers!!  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….

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Remember when I said I had another Abrazo tee on my cutting table?  Here it is!

This top is made from the excess yardage from a dress I finished at the beginning of February (that’s another–long–story!), and this brushed poly was so nice to work with– it will not be my last brushed poly, if I have anything to say about it!


I added a ruffle detail at the end of the sleeves using the circle sleeve tutorial on Melly Sews (Melissa is the designer of Blank Slate patterns!).

It was my first time ever binding a V-neck t-shirt, and it worked like a charm.  Have I mentioned before how much I love this pattern?!



Now I just need to get my hands on some more knits (preferably brushed poly–oh so soft!) and make some more Abrazos!


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I don’t own many sweaters; in fact, a couple years ago, I realized that I actually strongly dislike most sweaters and gave away almost all that were in my wardrobe.  However, that has left me quite chilly in the winters!  However, I do like to have layering pieces, and I was really intrigued by the Blank Slate Sora Sweater pattern, since it has both a cardigan and a pullover version (and different sleeve options, too!).  I knew that I would love to try the cardigan as soon as I had an appropriate fabric on hand.

Occasionally, when I’m in Walmart, I’ll just walk through the fabric section to see what they have.  One day, I walked through and spotted this pretty light aqua, open-weave sweater-knit, and then I noticed that it was only $1/yard!  As soon as I figured out what yardage I needed, I bought it and cut out my first Sora cardigan!

This cardigan was a really quick and satisfying sew!

I changed only one subtle thing about the pattern for this make: I left off the cuffs and simply hemmed the sleeves with the same 3/4″ hem as the bottom of the cardigan.  If I make another long-sleeved Sora, I will likely shorten the sleeves, since as-is, the cuffs would have made the sleeves a bit too long and slouchy on my arms.

I like that I can use this cardigan for dress-up and dress-down!

I can wear it over a “little black dress” for a cool-weather church outfit:


why yes, it is flurrying in this photo…


Or I can take it to the other extreme and wear it with a tank top and yoga pants for a cozy and comfy outfit!


…and anywhere in between!

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Spacey Joni dress

Once upon a time, I was browsing a new-to-me online apparel fabrics store.  As I looked through their brushed poly section, I saw a tiny photo of a garment made from one of the prints, and I was instantly struck by how awesome of a dress it was.  I sought it out on Instagram, and I was so thankful that the maker included information about the pattern!  Turns out, it was from a knits sewing book by Tilly Walnes (<–affiliate link at no cost to you).  I remembered her from The Great British Sewing Bee a number of years ago, and combined with the fantastic silhouette of that dress, made me super excited to get my hands on the book!

I requested the book from the library, and it took about 2 months for it to come to me.  In that time, I found and fell in love with this quirky spacey print (it’s no longer available, but there might be some with a white background) from Finch Fabrics, and so I made an educated guess about the yardage that I would need.  When I finally had both the fabric and the book in hand, I made a quick muslin, and then I finally dove into making my actual space dress.





This pattern is really straight forward; I think that the trickiest part is the neckline binding.  I was glad that I could practice with my muslin!  My dress was delayed for another week or so when I ran out of matching thread, but finally, finally, it’s finished!

Now that I’ve experienced sewing with double-brushed poly, you can be sure that I’m going to be on the lookout for some more.  I love it!  And I do hope to make more of these cute Joni dresses in the future…especially since there are some great sleeve variations in the book…


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Last summer, I wanted my kids to have the experience of completing a sewing project.  I helped my 4-year-old sew a little pillow and some Star Wars pajama pants.  I also helped my then 6-year-old start some pajama pants, too (we use the Blank Slate Patterns Snuggle Pajama pants).  She selected fabric, and I encouraged her to do each step of the pajama pants on her own…which may have contributed to the lengthy interval it took to complete them!

We started in July by laying out the pattern…

2018-07-26 15.10.31

But it wasn’t until a couple weeks later in August that she finally overcame her fear of being pricked with a pin to finish pinning her pattern…

2018-08-15 10.14.09

2018-08-15 10.13.05

she was so excited!

She cut out the pieces that day, too.

2018-08-15 10.44.34

About a week after that, we were making some progress with sewing it together, and I had V do some pressing.

2018-08-21 16.16.42

I don’t think she was a fan of the hot iron, either.

After that, we sort of stalled on the project for a while.  I didn’t want to finish the pants for her, but I also didn’t want to force her to work on them, since I really, really want her to have good memories about sewing with me.  She got busy with the school year starting up, and eventually we entered December with the pajama pants still incomplete!

Pajama Day at school was the final impetus– the day before winter break begins, all the students are encouraged to wear their PJs, and I suggested that we finish up her flannel princess pants for her to wear!

I ended up sitting behind her in the chair at the sewing machine to help guide her hands guiding the fabric.

2018-12-17 16.59.51.jpg

V also started learning how to unpick stitches.  It’s definitely an important part of sewing, and she seemed okay with it.

2018-12-17 16.52.52

She enjoyed threading the elastic through the casing– I think by now she could see the light at the end of the tunnel, haha!

I finished the cuffs myself, since the layers were tricky with the satin accent strip.  She wore them to school proudly!  (and then we didn’t get photos until a month or two after that! haha)




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I have a new favorite tee shirt pattern!  I absolutely love this new Blank Slate Abrazo Tee pattern.  It has a great fit, and it is a super quick sew.  For the test of this pattern, I sewed up a round neck, short-sleeved top…



This is a very soft, very stretchy, and very thin polyester blend knit that I got very inexpensively. It was a wonky cut and only 52″ wide (I realized later), so I am proud of myself for matching the stripes! It was quite the puzzle.

The pattern is so versatile with V-neck and long sleeved variations, as well!  I am really looking forward to making many more Abrazo tees!

In fact…I literally have another one out on my cutting table right now… I can’t wait to show it to you!

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