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A few notes for myself for this year’s garden…


  • We’re planning to plant our garden behind our garage.  It has southern exposure, so that means lots of sunlight!
  • This year, we’ll keep it simple to see how the soil is.  The grass has looked different in that area of our lawn, but hopefully it’s just because it’s winter.
  • I will plant tomatoes (jelly bean variety + a larger tomato variety), cucumbers (please, please, please, no groundhogs!!), and zucchini (or deer!!)
  • I definitely want to put herbs on my counter in the corner under my kitchen window.  Basil and parsley, for sure, and maybe chives.  A pot for green onions, because you can regrow the grocery store ones once they’re cut.  Dill, too, if I’m feeling crazy and have the space…With all the new recipes we’re trying, fresh herbs are important to have on hand!
  • According to almanac.com, the last-frost date for my general area is April 11.  (and the first-frost date is Oct 29!!  Woooooo hoooooooo for a longer growing season!!).  I’ll need to get myself some seed packet information to start planning when I should plant seeds!

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I’m going to just skip trying to explain why there hasn’t been a garden post in like, forever (I’ve been taking photos all along, but haven’t gotten them online ’til now), and jump right into sharing the current status of the garden, and make up for it by writing a tome of a post!  (All of the photos in this post were taken yesterday morning…)

Despite very dry conditions in the past few weeks (see how brown the poor grass is?), my garden has been doing well.  I’ve watered it a few times to make sure it doesn’t completely dry up.  That’s a nice thing about in-ground gardens… they don’t require nearly as much intentional watering.  Plus, the mulch is helping the moisture stay in the soil.

Maybe you can see, though, that the zucchini has fallen prey to a marauding groundhog… or deer, or something.  The hostas in our front beds were the first victims, ::sigh:: and then the beastie found the succulent zucchini leaves.

It’s not all bad, though, because we still actually got a nice zucchini — our first harvest of 2012!  You can see it in the photo above, and of course I took a glamor shot…

I added some green onions (Purchased at the grocery store for a recipe…  you can plant the white ends after you cut them, and they grow back!) next to the tiny pepper plant (who knows if that little guy will ever produce in our short season):

Before I go much further, I should make a comment about the garden layout.  Because things have changed a bit since I planted it!

The current garden layout

The week after we planted the seedlings outdoors, we had some super-hot temperatures.  We were also away, and even though a friend of mine came and watered the garden (thank you so much, K!!), the seedlings got fried, because they weren’t very strong to begin with.  So we lost one Fourth of July plant, two Jelly Bean plants, and one of the zucchinis.  The stronger of the two pepper plants met its end when I was over-zealous in my weeding one day (boo!!!  it was so tiny, and blended in with those pesky weeds).  So I had some empty spots.

My friend K, who watered my garden, planted some tomatoes and herbs of her own, and generously offered me the extra seedlings from the flats she purchased!  So generous!!  So I added 2 Big Boy tomatoes and 3 Red Cherry (large) tomatoes to the empty spots.

And now for the confession.  I planted the seedlings and just as I was finishing up, it started pouring.  So I ran inside, fully intending to label my plants when it stopped raining.  But of course I got busy, and thought I’d remember.  But guess what?  I forgot.  Ooops!  I know that tomato #6 and #8 are Fourth of July, and I know that tomato #3 is the one remaining Jelly Bean (my absolute favorite).  But I’m going to have to wait to see for the others! Thankfully there should be a distinct difference in size of the fruit, haha!

Speaking of fruit, the tomato plants are definitely starting to produce little green beauties!

Tomato #1

Tomato #2

Tomato #3 (Jelly Bean)

Tomato #4

Tomato #5

Tomato #6 (Fourth of July)

Tomato #7

Tomato #8 (Fourth of July)

Last, but certainly not least, I have to share my hanging herb basket!!

It hangs over our front porch, and I. Love. It.  It’s perfect!  No groundhogs or other pillaging wildlife can access it, yet it’s so easily accessible by me!  My friend K gave me basil and parsley when she gave me the tomatoes, and the plants are thriving in their aerial home.  I have been reveling in fresh parsley in my chicken and tuna salads at lunch, and basil sprinkled over my pasta with marinara sauce.  I am so very excited for the tomatoes to ripen so that I can make caprese salad!

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Last Monday, I made a recipe that used a few green onions.  Inspired by Jimmy Cracked Corn’s post, I decided to save the ends and replant them.  I didn’t feel like going out in the wind and cold to get more soil right then, so I just stuck them in some water.  I was amazed to see how quickly they started regrowing, even in just plain tap water!

Today I transplanted some of my overwintered chives (which are slightly pathetic, by the way) so that I had a pot and soil for my green onion ends.  Here they are just after replanting.  Notice how much they’ve grown since I cut them– they were cut down to the white part when I used them on Monday!


I’m excited to have cut-and-come-again green onions 🙂

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