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I must admit, I was pretty excited about the prospect of a pumpkin in our garden this year!

The first one was a false start:

2018-08-05 18.56.39

The whole plant died shortly after I took this photo– I have no idea what happened to it!

But a couple of weeks later, I spotted this cutie on the other pumpkin plant.

2018-08-19 08.23.28

It kept growing, and it was actually suspended/balanced on the vine and the end of the “anti rodent” fencing around the garden plot for a while.

2018-08-23 14.01.32

As it got heavier, it tumbled off its perch, and I was a little bit worried that the stem had ripped too much in the process.  But it was okay!

2018-09-05 17.26.59

It got orange fairly early (the photo below is in the first third of September).

2018-09-11 16.31.24

But I left it on the vine for a while longer, thinking that it would do better on the vine than in my house or out on a doorstep in the heat and rain we’ve had.

We finally harvested the pumpkin on September 29!  Unfortunately, we left it too long, and some bug started eating it, so it got a hole and was mushy at the bottom…and it was a little oozy. But it had a good side! 🙂

2018-09-29 15.28.54

We let it sit on our front porch as a nice fall decoration until it needed to be composted!


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So.  I wasn’t really planning on having a garden this summer!

But when a friend from church posted in our online marketplace that she had some extra seedlings to give away to whomever wanted them, I changed my mind 🙂 She’d advertised pumpkins, but on the Sunday she brought them in, she also brought yellow squash and tomato seedlings, too.

I picked up one yellow squash, and one tomato, and two pumpkin seedlings.  And after about a week of rain and cold, I finally cleared out the weeds in the garden plot and put them in.  I also added the Tiny Tim tomato plant that I’ve had growing on my kitchen counter for months (or more?), which has produced flowers but no fruit.  Our kitchen is being renovated this summer, so it didn’t really have a good place to live indoors any longer.

2018-05-20 15.36.31.jpg

freshly planted garden on May 20

After that, I basically ignored my poor garden for several weeks, except for when my daughter brought home a lima bean plant she’d started during a science unit in her kindergarten class.

2018-05-30 16.08.38

proud of her tall lima bean plant!

2018-05-30 16.14.05-1

We decided to plant the lima bean on the reverse side of the trellis from the yellow squash.  

2018-05-30 16.14.06

2018-05-30 16.14.10

She planted the lima bean plant all by herself, using my garden gloves!

Unsurprisingly, when you leave a garden to its own devices and add in copious amounts of rain, it starts to get a little jungle-y out there.

2018-06-28 14.46.11.jpg

Can you even tell where the yard ends and the garden begins, except for the stakes for the fence?

2018-06-28 14.46.17

The weeds were weighing on my mind, but quite honestly, I was dreading tackling them.  Mosquitoes find me especially appetizing, and I was not relishing the thought of providing my flesh for their feasting.  However, one day, I spent the morning outside with friends, and I used bug spray.  Also during that same morning, we were talking about gardens, and the weediness of mine was again at the forefront of my mind.  After lunch, since I still had the bug spray on my skin, I forged ahead and started the 1.5+ hour process of weeding my garden.

2018-06-28 15.25.54

2018-06-28 15.37.20

phew!  about halfway through… you can see the lima bean plant and the yellow squash to the right in the photo. 

2018-06-28 16.28.28

finally finished with the weeding!

I didn’t want all that hard work to get overgrown too quickly, so a couple days later, I got some mulch and spread it over the garden.

2018-06-30 10.16.47

2018-06-30 10.34.20

the garden on June 30, right after I mulched

The mulch has done wonders for keeping the weeds mostly at bay.  I’ve watered my plants a few times, and three weeks later, the heat+rain has helped my garden plants increase dramatically in size!

2018-07-22 17.55.30

garden on July 22

The lima bean plant is almost completely engulfed by the yellow squash. Both tomato plants have green fruit on them (I’m surprised and delighted that Tiny Tim is bearing fruit after so long). I also saw a squash starting. The pumpkin plants continue to increase in size and have lots of flowers. I’ve never grown pumpkins before, so I’m interested to see how the fruit develops.

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