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Little green bug

My 6-year old boy likes to “do crafts with Mommy” while my daughter and Husband are doing things together. While they went on her first long bike ride on a recent Saturday afternoon, my son asked to make a bug.

At first, he wanted to do a 3-D paper-crafted bug, but my searches on Pinterest were not yielding results that we liked. He’s done a lot of crafts with toilet paper tubes, and the more intricate 3-D paper insects that were more along the lines of his imagination were a bit beyond a 6-year-old’s capabilities (and Mommy’s patience after a long week of homeschooling! haha).

He wanted to make a smaller bug that looks like his stuffed Bug that I made him Christmas 2018, so that gave me the idea that perhaps we should find a stuffed fabric bug to make together. This time, the Pinterest search was more successful. After considering some options, we settled on a free little 3-D fleece/felt ladybug softie from Fleece Fun.

I couldn’t find anny blue and black fleece leftover from the original Bug, but I found plenty of small scraps of fleece from Husband’s squid that were just right for cutting out this cute little guy. (I am not a fleece fan, so I rarely sew with it, hence the dearth of scraps.)

In the end, my son was the official stuffer– I did all of the cutting and sewing, since we wanted to get it finished the same day. But he preferred to just watch the sewing steps, asking questions about what I was doing, rather than sit on my lap and help me guide the fabric.

The pattern is a good one, even if the instructions are sparse. The seam allowance is not specified, but 1/4″ worked well for me. It took us approximately 2 hours to choose the pattern, dig out the fleece scraps, cut everything, assemble, and stuff. I think it would be even quicker in the future if I ever make another!

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Bunny and Bug



I’m not exactly sure what gave me the idea, but I decided that each of my kids should get a special mommy-made softie for Christmas.  I love Ikat Bag’s Menagerie pattern, and since I’ve already made a squid, I knew that the pattern is really straightforward and well-written– and therefore manageable in the short amount of time I had free before Christmas.

I chose to make a Bunny and a Bug, because those are nicknames I use for my children.



Bug is made from “anti-pill” fleece from Joann.  He is soft and snuggly, but I must say, I am super unimpressed with the “anti-pill” nature of the fabric.  He was pilled almost as soon as my son hugged him!  But thankfully, that doesn’t inhibit him from being cuddly.

I found some faux fur in a nice grey color for Bunny (I was surprised (and happy) that when I asked V about the color of an ideal bunny, she chose grey instead of white.  I love grey!!). The inside of Bunny’s ears and her tummy are made from scraps leftover from V’s bathrobe.

These softies were a quick and inexpensive project to make, and since B isn’t much of a softie kid in general, and since V has a seemingly endless supply of them, I didn’t expect these two to become beloved toys.  I was delighted, though, when Bug became B’s most-snuggled animal, and V was so taken with Bunny that she wanted to bring her for show-and-tell at school.  Both kids insisted on bringing them on the airplane for our holiday travel (and Bunny got pulled aside in security because she was so dense! Whoops!).


Even months later, Bug and Bunny are counted among the “favored few” of the kids’ stuffed animals.  That makes my maker-mommy heart so happy.


just look at those faces! 

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