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seedlings on April 2, 2022

I started the month with a tray full of seedlings– so many tomatoes!– and also by planting parsley seeds and some more romaine seeds. None of my romaine seeds ever sprouted, but I am so glad that the parsley eventually did (two weeks later)!

the garden plot on April 3, 2022. Top to bottom, left to right: Mammoth Melting Sugar Peas, Slow Bolt Arugula, oregano, chives, and mint.

On April 3, I direct-sowed some “slow-bolt” arugula. I am excited about possibly having some cool weather crops this spring (and sowing again for the fall, too!). I have big dreams of enlarging the garden plot, and I plan add mulch between all the containers to mitigate the weed issue. I am dreaming bigger this year, since last year’s garden was a pretty good success! I acquired a plastic trellis from a neighbor to support my future cucumber vines!

arugula sprout on April 8!

I spotted some arugula sprouts on April 8! Despite the critter digging that had started up (and continued!), most of the sprouts survived. It never gets old for me to see those sprouts come up and grow.

pea sprout! April 11, 2022

I finally spotted one pea sprout on April 11. It turned out that this was the only one that grew!

eight days after I first spotted the pea sprout– it’s growing quickly! April 19, 2022

As the weather got warmer and sunnier, I tried to take my seedlings outdoors for good light and hardening-off. I probably was a bit too eager, and I think that possibly a couple of my tomato seedlings got a bit sunburnt. I tried to gently shade them with some netting after I noticed that was happening.

sunbathing. April 11, 2022

On April 13, I decided that most of my tomato seedlings were ready for their first transplant. I took a time-lapse video of the process:

I ended up with so many seedlings, which was exciting, because it meant that the seeds were in good condition. I had been curious how well my seed-saving from last year would work (I saved seeds from the purple cherry and the Brad’s Atomic Grape). I decided to keep two of each variety for myself, and I gave away the rest.

5 Roma
6 purple cherry
7 Brad’s Atomic Grape
9 Marmande
…plus flower seedlings, herb seedlings, and a couple SunGold tomato seedlings that weren’t yet ready for transplanting.

As the month drew to a close, I was ready to transplant a few seedlings… and I ended up doing more than I expected, including some weeding in the garden plot. I decided to use the soil I’d dumped beyond the fence last fall, so I went up there to fill my pots so that I could transplant my snapdragon and aster sprouts, and I also transplanted my dill plant (which I’d started in the winter from seed on my windowsill) and some mint and oregano that I’d been given by a neighbor.

Of course, a few days later, it was cold enough at night that it dipped below freezing. I wrapped up my herbs and flowers under an old sheet to keep them a bit warmer, and they survived!

I covered my recently-transplanted herbs and flowers with a sheet because the forecast warned the temperature might dip below freezing.

At the end of the month, I had a smaller number of seedlings left in the corner of my kitchen near the back door/windows. So excited to plant these out next month!

five varieties of tomatoes, basil, parsley, primrose (I think), a Beit Alpha cucumber seedling (acquired after my first seedling snapped!), marigold, and Costco mystery peppers

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I dropped the ball on updating throughout the summer about my garden here on the blog. I’ve been doing little updates on my Instagram stories all along, but considering this blog started as a gardening record, I do want to gather all those details (and maybe a few more) here. It’s a daunting task to cover the whole season in one post, so I’ve decided to go month by month to catch up.

Last we left off, I’d just planted out the garden! I’d done the final transplant of my tomatoes into their large pots and direct-sowed cucumber and nasturtium seeds.

About a week later, I spotted nasturtium sprouts!

May 12 – nasturtium sprouts!

However, just over two weeks after I’d sown the seeds, I wasn’t seeing anything in the cucumber pots. Like an impatient little kid, I decided to dibble around in the pots to see if anything was actually sprouting. Out of the 12 seeds I’d put in, only one of them was germinating. I was really disappointed, because I’d deliberately planted extra this year so that I’d have enough to pickle! Therefore, I decided to plant more seeds, this time from the Burpee packet I had leftover from 2015.

May 19- the lone Ferry-Morse cucumber sprout.

I adore lavender, so I decided to buy this little seedling to add to my garden. It’s my dream to have a big patch of it somewhere on my property (or at least several containers’-worth!)

May 19 – new addition to my garden plot: lavender!!

I was delighted to start seeing cucumber sprouts within 5 days of planting the “new” (but really actually old) seeds. By a week later, almost all of them had sprouted!

May 26 – baby nasturtium plants and cucumber sprouts! Hooray!

Throughout May, I was so happy to add some more types of herbs to my garden, thanks to my local Buy-Nothing group. In addition to the spicy globe basil I’d gotten at the end of April, I also was gifted dill, chives, and three marigold plants.

It was so amazing to watch my garden grow (both individual plants and by adding even more containers of plants!) this month. Here’s a little collage showing its progress:

My garden in May 2021– left to right: May 4, May 19, and May 26

Stay tuned for the June update!

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Now that the weather is consistently warm (yay!) the garden is thriving and growing quickly!  Here are some photos from a few weeks ago.

The garden today.

The garden on June 3.

The garden today.

Another view of the garden on June 3.  

zucchinis are finally coming up (from seed)!

The zucchinis are finally coming up (from seed)!  –June 3


Since all but one of the cucumber starts I purchased got eaten(? by deer??), I poked some old cucumber seeds from a previous year’s garden into the ground at the base of the trellises. And they’ve come up! Hooray!  –June 3

The kids' tomato plant

The kids’ tomato plant looks hale and hearty.  –June 3

The kids' tomato plant

There are even a few flowers on the kids’ tomato plant!  –June 3

A week later, the kids helped me to water the garden. Look how much the plants grew in that short time!


On Monday (almost three weeks from the first set of photos), I took some more photos of the garden– it never ceases to amaze me to see how quickly plants grow in the summer heat!!


The garden today — June 20 I haven’t been out in it much, since our deck is being redone. We’ve moved the kids’ container tomato to the middle of the in-ground garden for now!


The garden today — June 20.


The cucumber vine (from the purchased seedling) is starting to bloom.  It’s the biggest vine, though the sprouts from the seeds I planted are catching up! –June 20


There are even female flowers on the biggest vine! Hoping to have some cucumbers growing soon. –June 20


The Tami G Grape tomatoes are flowering.  The flowers are so delicate.  –June 20


The kids’ container tomato is looking good… –June 20


…and there are some baby fruits forming. –June 20

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On Mother’s Day, I spent the afternoon taking this:

Garden: before.  All that grassy looking stuff was an awful weed that literally sprayed seeds when you brushed against it (or tried to grab it to pull it out...).

to this:

hand-tilled garden!  All ready for compost and planting.

I encountered a most vile species of weed– this grassy stuff actually fired tiny little seeds everywhere whenever it was brushed!  I literally had seeds stuck to my skin and caught in my eyes.  Yuck.  Instead of throwing it into my compost bin, I actually bagged it up to put into the trash. I don’t want that stuff propogating, as much as I can help it!

Garden: before.  All that grassy looking stuff was an awful weed that literally sprayed seeds when you brushed against it (or tried to grab it to pull it out...).

After I got out as many of the weeds as I could, I used our tiller tool to loosen the soil.

hand-tilled garden!  All ready for compost and planting.

I opened up our compost bin and spread the new soil on top of the garden.

We weren’t able to get to a store to get plants that day, so on Tuesday evening, we took a family field trip to Home Depot to get our plants.  I decided during the course of last year’s garden that starting tomatoes from seed isn’t quite working for me right now, so I planned to buy seedlings this year.  We got four varieties– three for the in-ground garden and one for our kids’ container on the deck.


The garden layout is essentially the same as previous years’, in which the cucumbers and zucchini are on the left, and we have six tomato plants (two of each variety) are on the right.

After the jungle that was last year’s garden, we decided to lay down weed-preventing black fabric.  The day after we bought our plants, I went out and spent an hour or two getting the cloth laid, the tomatoes installed, and the zucchini and cucumber seeds planted.


After our experience with last year's weeds, and dealing with those awful seed-spraying weeds to prepare the garden, I decided that we should use the black weed-blocking cloth this year.  Hopefully it helps tame them!

After our experience with last year's weeds, and dealing with those awful seed-spraying weeds to prepare the garden, I decided that we should use the black weed-blocking cloth this year.  Hopefully it helps tame them!

…and then I added mulch.

Garden planted and mulched!  Tomatoes from left to right: Tami G (grape), Golden Jubilee (heirloom), and Red Beefsteak (heirloom)

Garden planted and mulched! Tomatoes from left to right: Tami G (grape), Golden Jubilee (heirloom), and Red Beefsteak (heirloom)

Garden planted and mulched!  Cucumber seeds (background) and zucchini seeds (foreground) planted.

Cucumber seeds (background) and zucchini seeds (foreground) planted.  I cut small holes in the weed-blocking cloth for them.

Garden planted and mulched!


My daughter and I took a quick few minutes to plant a tomato in a pot on the porch an evening or two later. V helped me to move the soil around the plant and water it.

Vivian and I took a quick few minutes to plant a tomato in a pot on the porch before we headed to small group this evening.  Vivian helped me to move the soil around the plant and water it.


I was delighted to find, just a week later, that all of my seeds had sprouted.  I had been pretty worried, since we got a couple big rains, that the seeds may have washed under the weed-blocking cloth… but thankfully, everything seems to be in place!




zucchini sprouts


cucumber sprouts

My tomato plants were looking healthy, happy and growing, too!

The tomatoes are looking happy :)


One of my main goals with the garden this year is to make sure to prune my tomatoes regularly to keep them under control.  I really don’t want a buggy jungle this year!

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So we gave in and bought some new plants.  Four of the tomato sprouts and two of the pepper sprouts had died (or all but died), and since Husband put in so much work to get the garden ready, we didn’t want it to go to waste.

garden today.

We picked out two varieties of tomatoes (Bonnie Grape and Indigo Rose varieties) to try, as well as one new pepper plant (Carmen variety).

new (purchased) plants for the garden

Since it’s a lot of work these days for me to get down near the ground to work, Husband graciously planted them out for us.

planting the new tomato plants

Here are some closer peeks at the “new-and-improved” garden:

First, the cucumbers (back)– I added a few more seeds in front of each trellis, since I’d only seen one sprout so far, peppers (the new plant is on the left, if it’s not completely obvious ;-)), and zucchini (front):



Here are the tomatoes [columns left to right]: Fourth of July (front stake), Best Boy (back stake); Bonnie Grape; Indigo Rose (apparently this one is a purple tomato that turns red when it’s ripe!)


Bonnie Grape:

Bonnie Grape tomatoes

Indigo Rose:

Indigo Rose tomatoes

While Husband planted our new plants, I investigated our daughter’s cherry tomato plant in the pot on our deck.  I was happily surprised to see a little tomato forming on it!

tiny tomato starting on Vivian's cherry tomato plant


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Yesterday, I posted about the planting of our 2014 garden, and today I wanted to share a bit of an update, as of Thursday of last week.

First, the not-so great news:

It looks like only 3 tomato plants have survived so far… 2 Best Boy, and 1 Fourth of July.  You might be able to barely pick them out in the photo below (they are on the left two stakes in the back row and the far left stake in the front row).  I fully admit that this is mostly my own fault– I didn’t “harden off” my seedlings, and they weren’t looking so hot to begin with.  After all the work Husband put in to prepare the garden, we just might be adding some store-bought seedlings to the empty spaces.



The peppers aren’t faring so well, either.  The right-hand pepper (of the three sprouts planted) died pretty quickly.  The remaining two are looking a bit worse for wear.  It kind of looks like something is getting into the garden (despite the fencing) and nibbling on the leaves.

left pepper.  barely surviving.

left pepper

right pepper.  barely surviving

right pepper (formerly middle pepper)


But there is a bright side!

My herb seeds are sprouting!

look at those herb sprouts!

look at those herb sprouts!

look at those herb sprouts!

I’m not sure what dill, marjoram, and savory sprouts look like, but I’m pretty sure the shorter sprouts with the rounded leaves are basil.  My (wild) guess is that the spikier ones are dill.

And there are zucchini sprouts!

Lake Valley zucchini sprout

Burpee zucchini sprout

And one lone cucumber sprout under the left trellis.  Can you spot it?  (I hope that in all of the in-ground garden photos you are graciously ignoring the fact that weeding needs to be done!)

one cucumber sprout under the left trellis


Finally, my daughter’s cherry tomato plant is growing happily.  She makes sure to look out at it each morning when she wakes up, and we have been faithfully watering it with her tiny “watering bucket” (as she calls it) on the days that it hasn’t rained!

Vivian's tomato plant-- seems to be growing happily!


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On the first weekend in May, Husband worked super-hard and got our yard into great shape!  One of his projects was to prepare the garden (isn’t he a great guy?).

garden before tilling/planting

This is what it looked like “before.”  We’d dumped all the leaves that we’d raked from the yard into the garden to cover it for the winter.  Husband has decided that he will not do that again!  It made tilling it (by hand) extremely difficult, and there are big chunks of partially decomposed leaves throughout the soil now.

compost from last year

This is an oh-so-glamorous shot of our compost bin.  We ended up “cold-composting.”  All last growing season, we added material to the compost bin.  When the growing season ended and we deconstructed the garden, we stopped adding to the bin and just let it sit.  We didn’t turn the contents at all.  So when Husband opened the bin, we found a layer of nice compost at the bottom, but there was still material above it that hadn’t transformed.  Not a bad result for basically no work!  Husband mixed the layer of compost soil into the garden, and left the other material to start this year’s cold compost.

After the back-breaking work of tilling the garden and working in the compost soil, Husband let me plant my (rather pathetic) seedlings, at my request.  (Side note: it was way harder than I expected to be kneeling on the ground and working around my big ol’ belly, haha!)

seedlings before planting


And here are those sprouts, above.  The leftmost column are the peppers, next are the Best Boy, the three in the middle-right column are what is left of the Jelly Bean sprouts (sad), and the Fourth of July sprouts are in the far right column.

I direct-sowed cucumber and zucchini seeds, as well!


Now for some not-very-illuminating photos of the planted garden:

Garden planted and mulched!

Garden planted and mulched!


By the way, you can see our rain barrel all set up again to the left of the garden.  Thanks to some absolutely crazy rain storms recently, it is nice and full already, and we used it for all of our garden watering as we planted!   When Husband set it up a couple weeks ago, he added a second layer of cinderblock to give it additional height, which hopefully will result in more water pressure when we hook up the soaker hose later.


cucumber seeds planted at base of trellises, pepper plants in the three middle spots, and zucchini seeds planted in the two foreground spots.

cucumber seeds planted at base of trellises, pepper plants in the three middle spots, and zucchini seeds planted in the two foreground spots.



Best Boy seedlings in the back row, Fourth of July seedlings in the front row.


I also direct-sowed a packet of mixed herb seeds (basil, dill, marjoram, and savory) that I got as a freebie last summer at the county fair.  We’re using the box on the porch railing for this, and I”m going to try to be much more reliable about watering it this year! 😉

planted a mixed packet of herb seeds in the box on the porch

Finally, my little girl has been SUPER excited about the garden.  All spring long, she has been talking about helping in the garden.  So Husband and I decided that she should have a container “garden” of her own; the rabbit-proof fencing makes it difficult for her to get into the main garden!



We picked out a compact cherry tomato plant at our local Home Depot, and she helped us to plant it in one of our large terra cotta pots.







I’m so excited for her to help take care of it and watch it grow!!

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My sprouts seem pretty happy!


From left to right, in this photo, the cups are Fourth of July, Best Boy, Jelly Bean, bell peppers.

They certainly make me happy, sitting on their tray, balanced on a luggage rack under the window in my craft room.

From left to right, in this photo, the cups are bell peppers, Jelly Bean, Best Boy, Fourth of July.

From left to right, in this photo, the cups are bell peppers, Jelly Bean, Best Boy, Fourth of July.

As I mentioned in my last post about this year’s garden, the tomatoes were pretty quick to sprout.  I didn’t see any sign of the peppers, though, and I’d just about given up.  I figured the seeds were just too old.  I considered poking some more seeds into the cups to see if I could get any to grow at all, but honestly, I was too lazy/busy/prioritizing other things.  So the other day, when I saw a little green sprout poking its way up out of the soil, I was pretty delighted!

after a long time, there are actually pepper sprouts coming up!

after a long time, there are actually pepper sprouts coming up!

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So here’s the plan!

This year’s garden is not going to be much different from last year’s.  For two reasons: 1) It’s going to be a busy summer!  2) I didn’t feel like spending any money on new seeds, so I’m using what I already have.


I’ll have 2 cucumber trellises, two zucchini plants, and two plants of each of three tomato varieties.  I’m going to try and squish in two red bell pepper plants, too!  I’ve had mixed success with peppers in the past, so we’ll see how they do here in this garden plot.

I planted the pepper and tomato seeds on Saturday, 08 February 2014.

I planted seeds for our garden today!!

Just for my own record, there are:

  • Four seeds in each pepper cup
  • Three seeds in each Best Boy cup
  • Two seeds in each Jelly Bean cup (the last of that seed packet)
  • Three seeds in each Fourth of July cup

The cups are living on a tray balanced on a luggage rack in my craft room, where I can leave the blinds completely opened all day long for them to capture as much sunshine from the southern-exposure window as possible.

On the 15th, I was delighted to see cute, fuzzy, little Best Boy sprouts poking up in two of the cups!  Can you spot one in the photo below?

Spotted my first sprouts today!  Two tiny, furry little Best Boy tomato sprouts

On the 18th, I noted sprouts in the Jelly Bean cups, as well.  (From left to right, in this photo, the cups are bell peppers, Jelly Bean, Best Boy, Fourth of July)


And one last photo from the 18th, because the sprouts look so cheerful in the sunlight, in spite of the snow on the ground outside!


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At long last (I was beginning to worry that my seeds had failed), I have cucumber sprouts coming up!  Hurray!  I spotted these on Tuesday, May 7.

Burpee cucumber sprouts!

Burpee cucumber sprouts!


Ferry-Morse cucumber sprouts!

Ferry-Morse cucumber sprouts!

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