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I showed you part 1 of the January 2019 pocket pages a couple of posts ago, and now, here’s part 2!


I kept the theme going and continued to use the Studio Calico kit + Echo Park collection pack that I used for the first spread.  I started by choosing cards and cutting 4×6 and 3×4 pieces of paper to put in each pocket with the photos, then fine-tuned each section with journaling, layering, and embellishments.

Here’s a closer look at the left-hand page…

January 2019 pocket pages, part 2

The top left pocket is another flip-up– inside are all the wristbands that we wore for our family swims this month.  Family swim was a big part of our lives for the first six months of this year, and I plan to include a collage like this for each month’s section of the album.


I also included some screenshots of the things that Husband and I watched together this month, and other little photos of random happy moments– big trucks working near the bus stop, a special Sunday school class…


This spread has more of the greenish yellow from the kits, rather than the more golden yellow of the previous spread.

January 2019 pocket pages, part 2

The right-hand page of the spread has more random everyday-life types of photos, along with the beginning of the story of my ankle.  Little did I know in January that I would still be dealing with it now…

This pocket is actually a little paper bag with a tag slipped inside to tell the beginning of the story.  The doctor’s card is in the envelope, too, but mostly because I want to remember that he wasn’t a very good doctor.


…and the story continues in the bottom right-hand pocket, where I have another flip up; this one is about the appointment with the orthopaedic doctor.  Inside, I have his card (he is much better than the doctor I saw previously!) and a story about my son, who accompanied me to the appointment.  He was an amazing little buddy.



I am particularly proud of the bottom left-hand pocket of this side: it’s a collage of all the projects that I did in January.  It was a wonderfully productive month, and it is really neat to show off everything all in one spot.  I intend to do project round-up cards in each month’s section as we go on through the year, too.


I have two inserts to add to finish January 2019 for my album!  Stay tuned!


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a little background… Early in the year, I was thinking about my memory-keeping projects and realized that while I have quite a few of them in-progress, not many of them are using current photos.  My kids are old enough to know that I take LOTS of photos (and they want to be in them!) but young enough that they don’t have easy access to my phone or computer to view them digitally.  I wanted to make a project that would let them see everyday photos more easily in a physical format.  They really love my Day-in-the-Life photo books, and this would be a sort of expansion of that idea.

As I considered the format of this project, using inspiration from my current favorite scrapbookers (Inkie Quill, Shimelle, Jen Schow, Ali Edwards, and others…), I decided to make it a mostly pocket-style album with both “traditional” layout and pocket inserts. The pockets will make it easier to include tiny/small/everyday stories with the flexibility of telling bigger stories as well, whether it’s in those pocket pages (as coordinating pockets), a pocket insert, or upgraded to a full-on layout.

I’m taking it month-by-month rather than week-by-week, but I’m making as many spreads as I need to tell the stories and fit the photos I want to include.  After the month is over, I sit down with my photos and my ephemera to decide what will go where.  I use empty page protectors and a set of cardstock templates in my typical photo sizes to plan everything out (You saw a glimpse into my planning process if you watched my 200 Persnickety Prints video!)

.  .  .

For January, I decided to use a combination of the remaining bits of my Studio Calico May 2012 “35 mm” kit (yes, you read that correctly… 2012!) combined with parts of the Echo Park “Times and Seasons 2” (which has a copyright date of 2013! wow…).  Even as I was starting to plan this album, the color palette of the Studio Calico kit kept coming to mind.  It was a nice surprise to see that the Echo Park collection complimented it so well.  (I’m really trying to make a concerted effort to use older products that I’ve squirreled away.)  The aquas, greys, and blacks reflect the cold weather, and the golden tones go well with the warm indoor lighting in many of these photos.  I also dove into my collection of Project Life cards for coordinating journal cards.


The first card in each month’s section with be a sort of title card, and for January, I created a cut file: a frame with a script “January” across it.


Inevitably, I have some longer stories that I want to tell, and rather than make a whole layout for this one, I made a flip-up.  I wanted to tell the story of B’s building skills with a little wooden 3-D puzzle kit.  I made sure to add a tab to signal that this part is interactive.


As I was putting these cards together, I was finding them looking a bit flat, so I started adding a bit of foam behind certain elements…


…a little bit of pleated tissue paper here and there…


..and paper layers.


I really like the dimensionality and softness that these touches added to the spread.


Stay tuned for part 2!


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So, this wasn’t even the next layout that I intended to make!

I’d just finished my family movie night layout, and I still had the stack of “Mind the Gap” scraps on my desk.  As I was about to clean them up later that afternoon, I started thinking, “Well, maybe I can use up some more and finally kill this kit!”  (In all honesty, I’m was tired of the kit by this point). I pulled out my short stack of printed photos and saw these two 4″x6″ group shots from our Halloween party in 2016.  Instantly my mind when to the video that the kids and I watched during lunch (it was an inclement-weather day today, so V was home, too)–a Glitter Girl episode on Shimelle’s channel in which she gives a bit of a formula for jumping back into scrapbooking.  Between the scraps and the photos, I could definitely use her formula.

And a couple hours later (amid kid art projects and other chaos), I had a layout.


I pulled together as many of the scraps of the “Mind the Gap” kit as I could, and began filling in the gaps (pun intended) with even older Halloween product from Little Yellow Bicycle.  (Fun fact: almost exactly 8 years ago, I used those same products to make another Halloween party layout!  They’re pretty much the entirety of my Halloween-themed stash.).  And I finally used one of the tiny kraft envelopes that was included in that Studio Calico kit– it holds a tag I made upon which I wrote the names and costumes of all of the people at the party.




Looking at the final layout, it doesn’t actually use that much of the kit–mainly some strips and punched circles from the patterned papers, as well as the polka-dot Thickers… but this is the end of the large pieces.  I think that I might call this kit killed.  Yay!



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First layout of 2018!  Wooo hoooooooo!!  It’s been kind of a while since my last layout, and I was feeling rusty.  I was happy to see the sketch from SCT’s January Sketch Challenge pop up in my blog reader, since it gave me a little bit of structure to start with.  I looked through my printed photos and found some that would work perfectly with the sketch.


I’ve been watching a lot of Inkie Quill on Youtube while I run on the treadmill, and in her archives, she has a lot of “Kit Crasher” videos– she takes a kit and tries to use it all up.  I definitely have a small collection of kits to use, so I decided to use that as another “rail” to get me back on track with scrapbooking.

I pulled out one of the couple kits that is almost used up– it’s Studio Calico “Mind the Gap” from years ago (in fact, in looking through my blog archive, I found this post that sounds like I used some very similar techniques to get back to scrapbooking after a long break!– if it works, use it!).  Maybe I’ll finally kill it–it’s certainly on its last legs, with almost no embellishments remaining, and only patterned paper scraps and one full sheet of cream-colored cardstock!

2018-01-02 19.17.43.jpg

To start, I just played around with fitting the patterned paper scraps and photos together on the sheet of cream cardstock.  It looked okay, but it felt kind of depressed, so I switched out the background for white textured cardstock from my stash, and used the tan as a narrow border.  I ended up gutting the cream so that I could print my journaling onto it (strips a la Jen Schow), which ties it all together.  The journaling is straight out of my photos’ metadata (yay!) and the font is Remington Noiseless.  I added lots of little bits and pieces (tiny hearts like Adele), and machine stitching to hold everything in place– some of the adhesives are failing in their old age 😉




I was pleased that this came together fairly quickly.  Perhaps I’m not so out of touch as I thought (after all, I’ve been watching a LOT of scrapbooking videos and reading blog posts…)?  Or maybe it was re-beginner’s luck? We shall see.  I have more layouts in my brain now!

P.S. Thanks, SCT, for choosing my layout (randomly) as this month’s winner!!


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A number of years ago now, I went to a Creating Keepsakes convention with a friend.  One of the classes we took together was “Misting and More” sponsored by Studio Calico– and I think Kelly Purkey was the teacher!   In the class, we learned different techniques for using Mr. Hueys mists– masking, resist, splattering etc.

We made little 2.5″x4″ cards for each technique, and they were meant to go onto a layout, but I didn’t ever make the layout.  I did save the cards, because I thought they were really cool.  When I wanted a set of thank-you cards recently, I decided to finally put these misted pieces to good use!


I inked the edges of the misted pieces to match the “thank you” sentiment, and the only other thing I did was to add enamel dots to the rub-on-resist card (the center one in the photo above), since it needed a little bit of dimension and texture to my eye.




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I don’t usually post so frequently in a week, but I wanted to post about this layout, since I made it for the weekly challenge on Shimelle’s blog.

When I was finishing the last layout I made and putting away the supplies I’d used from the Studio Calico “Mind the Gap” kit, I came across the last full sheet of patterned paper.  Until this point, I had thought it was pretty, but I was sort of lost as to how I would use it, since it came pre-printed with the effect of layers.  Since I generally use lots of photos and make my own layers (if I have them), it seemed completely outside of my style.  (And really, if I’m being honest, this whole kit has been a challenge to use…)  However, this photo came to mind– it was in my stories-to-scrapbook album near the other photos I’d used recently.  A single photo (a selfie!), with complimentary colors to the “impossible” paper.  Perfect!


I decided to try to not think too hard and just layer other papers from the kit to add to the layered effect already in the full sheet that I’d use as a background.  I added some stamping (with the kit stamp) to imitate some stamping I’d seen Shimelle do in the second video of her “Return to the Collection” class.


And that “So Sweet” die cut!  I never thought I would use it… Not only is it huge (for my embellishment style), but it has a sentiment that I didn’t imagine I would ever use on a page… but as I pulled out papers to layer behind the photo, it fell out of the kit bag– and it fit perfectly at the corner.  The sentiment worked perfectly, because it was “sweet” as in ice cream.  (Yum)


So the weekly challenge was to scrapbook with hearts.  Really, I should have swapped the order of these last two layouts I’ve made, because I used hearts in the last one because it was about a date night, and this one features the selfie photo!  However, the challenge was the perfect inspiration for what I should use to embellish the layout.  Since I’m so close to the end of the kit, I’m essentially out of embellishments.  I added some circles to repeat the shape of the huge die-cut, and then I added hearts, inspired by the challenge, because boy, oh boy, did we love the ice cream at this little place!  The hearts are small, but if you look for them, you’ll find them!


There is one little pink heart up near the top of the page– it looks random, but it’s actually there to cover up an upside-down “5” that was printed on the background patterned paper.  Even though I realized later that there were five of us in the photo, I found the numeral to be really distracting.  The heart tones it down a little 🙂

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Seeing Shimelle’s new weekly challenge series come up on her blog was exactly what I needed!  As I mentioned in my goals post for the year, I want to scrapbook more.  I really love challenges (they give me the restraints I need to be creative and productive).  And Shimelle is right up there on my list of favorite scrapbookers.  Great combination!

When I made the Singer Castle layout, I’d been flipping through my album-of-stories-to-scrapbook and so these “old” stories from before Husband and I had kids were on my mind.  When I saw the first challenge, scrapbook a selfie, this set of photos and its accompanying story came immediately to mind.  The main photo isn’t actually a selfie, but the less-flattering, smaller photo is!  Husband and I went to a mid-week summer evening minor league baseball game, and it was just plain, simple fun.  I had even written out my journaling almost immediately, so I was able to record some details that four and a half years later would have been completely lost.






Again, I started with supplies from the “Mind the Gap” kit I have from Studio Calico (still killing it.  More layouts from that kit HEREHERE and HERE, and there is an additional 2-page layout I’ve not shared yet).  However, this layout was not easy to make.  I shifted things again and again and again.  Finally, I realized that I really needed to bring in some other supplies.  I raided my scrap drawer for some green patterns, and started adding some more purple (those tickets had been looking really out of place!).  In the end, the only supplies from the kit are the cardstock upon which the grid of photos is mounted, and the yellow patterned paper.

I will admit it, I don’t love this layout.  I like it well enough, but I am sad that I don’t love it, because I loved that evening with Husband.  However, the layout is done, the memory is recorded, and it can go into my album, and that counts as a win.


P.S. This week’s challenge is to scrapbook with hearts!  I really should use this page for that challenge, because right after I finished this page, I pulled out another photo to scrapbook, and it is a “true” selfie! 



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I have really, really, really been wanting to get back to scrapbooking.  This layout is the result of a combination of things: re-watching for the third time and finally acting upon the first lesson Shimelle’s “Return to the Collection” class, which I purchased last fall (I won’t allow myself to watch the next lesson until I’ve completed the current one.  I love watching Shimelle’s videos, so this is actually a strong motivator for me), listening to innumerable scrapbook podcasts and reading innumerable scrapbook blog posts, watching Glitter Girl’s new episodes, and this week’s Studio Calico challenge, which is to use an older kit.

I just plain took a break from the crazy preparations for an upcoming trip and used naptime to make this layout.  I couldn’t even remember the story behind the photos (it was just before I started adding captions to the metadata of every photo I keep on my computer) and I ended up emailing everyone who was with me that day to poll them for stories.  My mom was the quickest to respond, and her (excellent) memory saved the day.  I was able to write a brief caption so that I could finish the page.  The story isn’t big, but it’s part of a larger set of pages about a visit that my parents and brother made to Husband and I before our daughter was born (another layout can be seen HERE, and I still have to make the third layout to complete the set).

Singer Castle scrapbook layout

Instead of using a collection kit as per Shimelle’s class, I decided to keep killing the “Mind the Gap” kit I have from Studio Calico (more layouts from that kit HERE and HERE, and there is an additional 2-page layout I’ve not shared yet).  I ended up gutting the furthest background paper at the last moment before adhering the two layers together, and I’m glad that I did, because I ended up using the gutted piece as the mat for my photos!  I only added a few extra bits and pieces to the Studio Calico kit: some burlap (Canvas Corp., from an ancient (March 2010) Scrapbook Circle kit), round black letter stickers (Jenni Bowlin Studio, from the same Scrapbook Circle kit…maybe I should kill that one next…yes, I have trouble breaking apart kits…), Project Life cards from the Jade edition (one 4×6 journaling card and the edge of a 3×4), and an adorable sewing mini-stamp set by Maya Road (“Sew Cute”).  There are also some bits and pieces from my die-cut box.  I inked the edges of my paper a la Shimelle.  Oh, and fun fact: the stamped doily is from a Studio Calico class I took at a CKC convention (St. Louis) in 2011!

Singer Castle scrapbook layout

Singer Castle scrapbook layout

Singer Castle scrapbook layout

Singer Castle scrapbook layout

The sewing machine card was made a while ago; I thought that I would make it into a greeting card.  Turns out, it worked perfectly on this layout!  I made it by stamping the Maya Road stamp onto watercolor paper and embossing with white powder.  I added blotches of watercolor paints (thanks, sweet daughter, for sharing!) to bring out the image, in imitation of Kristina Werner.

It was gratifying that it took me considerably less time than 2 hours to make this layout come together.  Yes, the photos were already printed, and yes, I did spend some time trying to cobble together my story.  But once I had a few thoughts in my head and the papers on the table, the process went quickly.  I kept Shimelle’s main lesson 1 points in my head, and it helped me to just make a decision and move on.  It felt good!  Maybe I won’t be so rusty this time around after a break!  Yay!



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I got out the photos and materials for this layout right as I was finishing up the Green Lakes layout.  I wanted to do something that looked completely different, so I challenged myself to find photos with a new color scheme and theme.  I think it’s pretty amazing that these two layouts are made from the same kit!


The title is cut with my Silhouette using the font Wolf in the City, using some aqua cardstock I had in my scrap drawer.  I’m getting pretty low on embellishments from this kit (Studio Calico’s “Mind the Gap”), so I added in some from my stash.  I added the decorative tape, the rhinestones, and the 3×4 cards (decorative fillers from the Project Life Jade edition). The roller coaster stickers were something that came in a giveaway box I received years ago…I never thought I’d use them!  I rarely use such themed product, but they were absolutely perfect for the story (in which my screaming on a roller coaster and similar rides figures predominantly.  I am NOT a roller coaster fan!).  I’d been watching some of Shimelle’s “As it Happens” process videos and they really helped me get over a mental hurdle I had in composing the embellishment clusters.




There is a hidden pocket that opens behind the journaling for the park map.


Again, I’d had the sketch drawn from the (Pagemaps book, page 15), journaling written, and photos printed and waiting, so it was just a matter of constructing the actual layout.

Funny story: it took me a while to actually finish putting the layout together, because I completely ran out of dry adhesive.  I scraped by with glossy accents and (gasp!) rolled-up pieces of acid-free cellophane tape!  Oh my.  There are still loose bits that I will secure once I get my refills…  I just couldn’t let a little thing like no adhesive stop me!  Haha.

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This is the first layout I’ve made since my son was born.  It was quite intimidating to get back into it, after nearly 10 months…even though I’ve been devouring scrapbook inspiration in the form of podcasts and blogs.  I was itching to get back into it!

A week or two previous to the day I made the layout, I decided to reorganize my “stuff to scrapbook” stuff.  It was stuffed (as neatly as I could) into various Manila mailing envelopes and old school folders, which were in turn stuffed into a unit of the Expedit.  I decided to slip each story (or story-set) into a 12×12 page protector in a binder album instead, so that I could flip through what I have to find something that interested me whenever I decided to take time to scrapbook.  All of this to say, reorganizing my stuff-to-scrapbook stuff made me excited about the stories–and even reminded me that I had some of those stories’ words composed, and even sketches drawn and photos printed!  What a great way to jump back in.


I was still in the midst of the big quilt project when I did that reorganization, but it got me thinking about how I might approach scrapbooking again, since it was more imminent now.  The more I thought about it, I realized I needed a guide, a “restriction;” some “rails,” if you will. I got really excited when I had the idea to kill some kits!  I have a couple Studio Calico kits, one Gossamer Blue, kit, and several collection packs–lots to choose from.

Overlapping nap starts now!  In just a minute, I am going down to my craft room and I am going to set a timer for 1 hour, and I am going to see how much of a scrapbook layout I can complete.  :) I am excited (and a little nervous, as silly as that sounds...) I haven't scrapbooked in about 9 months!

So when I had reached a good stopping place on the quilt (when I sent it out to be quilted!  Hurray!), I took an overlapping nap time to scrapbook.  To help me stave off indecision, I set a timer for one hour to see how far I could get.  I chose a kit (Mind the Gap Studio Calico kit from long ago!) and flipped through my newly reorganized stuff-to-scrapbook binder to select a story, and I was off!

After an hour, I was on a roll! So I allowed myself to continue (thankfully the kids kept napping! Bonus!!) and I completed this layout (sans journaling– I needed to purchase a new white pen, but the text was already composed) in an hour and a half.  It felt so good!!!  It took me a week or two to acquire the white pen, but it was the work of a couple minutes to fill in the journaling when I had it in hand.






Working with a kit was a great way to minimize overwhelm.  In fact, it was so energizing that right after I finished putting this layout together, I picked out another story to scrapbook with more pieces to use from the kit!

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