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Recently, we had a fun-filled week of VBS at our church!  We tried our best to deck ourselves out to coordinate with the theme of each evening.

Monday night, we went on safari!

2019-07-15 16.33.07

2019-07-15 16.35.23

2019-07-15 16.36.48

We dug out a plastic pith helmet for B that had been part of a butterfly catcher costume for Husband in 2007 and 2011, and a tan bucket hat for V.  V chose a tropical print sundress to wear, while B and I layered button-up shirts with rolled up cuffs over our team color shirts.  B is wearing his Peter Pan shirt, made from the Blank Slate Bookworm pattern, and I’m wearing a cream-colored cotton Blank Slate Novelista!  I sewed my headband from my team bandana fabric using the tried-and-true mmmcrafts Kinder, Gentler Headband pattern that I’ve been using for years.

On Tuesday night, the theme was animals!

2019-07-16 17.01.24

B’s class was known as the “Tiny Tangerine Tigers,” so that was our obvious inspiration for his costume.  Husband added stripes cut from electrical tape to the $1 orange t-shirt I’d purchased, and I quickly sewed up a tail and tiger ears from orange felt, adding more electrical tape stripes to complete the costume.

2019-07-16 17.01.51

2019-07-16 17.02.01

V was tickled to receive a super-cute hand-me-down bee costume from a family at church, and it worked perfectly with her class color (she was one of the “Golden Gazelles” this year)

2019-07-16 17.02.18

I repurposed some fabric fish and shells from a previous year’s VBS costume and attached them to my headband to make myself into a coral reef.  I also dug out some big, wooden, fluorescent fish earrings from when I was in middle school or so to complete the look!  Haha!

2019-07-16 20.44.08

Wednesday night was color night, so we did our best to infuse as much of our team hue onto ourselves as possible!  B and I added “hair mascara” to color our hair; we had neither lavender nor orange, so I mixed pink and blue for mine and yellow and red for his.  I think his hair looks a bit like flames!

2019-07-17 16.53.39

I repurposed one of V’s dress-up princess dresses for her skirt: her Snow White costume had saggy elastic in the bodice, so I unpicked the stitching between it and the skirt, added a waistband made from a yellow t-shirt scrap and called it done!

2019-07-17 17.02.29

The Thursday night tradition is pajama night!

2019-07-18 16.38.51

I had a yellow sheet in my stash, so I whipped up a pair of yellow PJ pants for V, and then I found some $2/yd orange fabric to make a pair for B, too.  His have dino fabric at the cuff to coordinate with a pair of Daddy’s.  Both of their pairs were made from the Blank Slate Snuggle PJ pattern (I have made SO MANY pairs of PJs using that great pattern!!) .

2019-07-18 16.40.23

After several years of being on the lavender staff team (snacks!), I decided to finally make a pair of lavender PJ pants– and I even incorporated my team bandana as trim above the cuffs.  I couldn’t resist re-using my moon-and-stars headband attachments again this year (previously used in 2017 and 2016!)

2019-07-18 16.42.55

On Friday, it was “Mathletes and Athletes” night.

2019-07-19 16.49.30

B proudly wore his tee ball shirt from the program he did this past spring, and V wore her ballet class gear.  I decided to take the opportunity to tackle a project that I’d been wanting to do for a while– make a shirt with heat transfer vinyl!  It was so very satisfying, and I’ll have a post about my first shirts soon.

2019-07-19 16.51.29

But our outfits/costumes weren’t the only VBS crafts this week!  The weekend before VBS, the staff worked hard to transform our church with all sorts of decorations!  I mostly helped out with the snack area, called “Grizzly Gulch.”

2019-07-15 17.40.09

We decided to make it look like a nighttime campsite in the Rocky Mountains(ish), so we cut out bear silhouettes from black paper and attached them to a starry background.  We assembled our artificial Christmas trees from home and made a little pine grove, and made the kitchen window look cabin-like with curtains that I made from the plaid-printed plastic tablecloth material.

2019-07-14 14.18.05

2019-07-15 17.39.56

I had fun making a sign and a campfire out of cardboard and paper scraps, too!

2019-07-13 17.25.37

2019-07-13 17.25.05

2019-07-13 17.26.46



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VBS superhero apron

On Tuesday morning of VBS week, I had no idea what I was going to do for myself for superhero night (we had the kids covered–see my summary post for VBS this year).  I almost gave up, but during breakfast, I had a flash of inspiration: I could make myself a superhero apron!  I served on the snacks team, so an apron was definitely appropriate– and since I love aprons anyway, the work I put into it wouldn’t go to waste!  I wear aprons all the time in the kitchen (you would think I would have more by now…).


The kids and I hung out in the craft room almost all day!  I was sewing like a crazy woman, taking these final scraps of comic book print cotton and blue solid cotton to embellish the striped upholstery-weight apron base (thank you, S, for the upholstery fabric!).


I used the basic shape of an apron I already own and love.  It was purchased for me by Husband at the beginning of my love affair with aprons, and I’d long ago traced it to make another one for a friend.  So I pulled out that pattern, lengthened it and left off the original bias ruffle.  Instead, I ruffled as many strips as I could eke out of my scraps of comic and blue cotton and went to town!





I’ve determined over the years that pockets are an absolute necessity on my aprons.  I sometimes need to check out at the end of the day, whether it’s during dinner preparation or doing dishes, and I listen to podcasts with headphones to my phone.  You can be sure that these apron pockets securely hold that phone!


In the above photo, you might notice that the top edge of the comic book ruffle at the hem of the apron is just finished by a serged overlock.  That is for two reasons: 1) I literally got this apron to a wearable state minutes before we needed to leave for the church!** and 2) I ran out of blue cotton.  I wanted to make a little binding strip to cover that edge (like at the top of the pockets and the top of the apron itself), but I have no more blue.  I’m just going to leave it the way it is.

**I was glad for many reasons that I finished the apron in time for Tuesday evening’s VBS– the next day, the contractors started demolition on our upstairs hall bathroom, and the plumbing replacement we did required a hole to be cut in my craft room ceiling first thing Thursday morning!



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VBS robot alien

This little “costume” for my son was one of the most last-minute of the VBS theme costumes, but I think it’s my favorite!

Earlier in the week, Husband spent a lot of time getting Becker’s antennae just right; they are made from thin copper tubing and red plastic beads.


We hadn’t gotten much further than that when Friday morning rolled around.   I was stumped.  I browsed Pinterest for “easy boy alien costume” and similar searches, but was coming up with almost nothing reasonable!  On top of that, I didn’t have much access to my craft room because our contractors were replacing plumbing and had to cut into my ceiling to do so.

Somehow, though, the Pinterest search sparked the idea of a robot costume, and one of the VBS directors had mentioned lots of eyes…  I ran downstairs to my craft supplies and gathered all sorts of bits and bobs and my glue gun.  I assembled my crazy concoction on the kitchen counter while my kids played nearby.

The robot panel is on a base of felt, and I combined felt scraps with textured craft foam to make the different pieces.  I used reflective cardboard for the dial and added beads and sequins from a stash of random bits to give the idea of buttons.  There are little sliders, too– and they actually slide!– fluorescent green pipe cleaners thread through the plastic pony beads.  And of course, since it’s an alien robot costume, there are lots and lots of googly eyes.

robot alien shirt for VBS!

robot alien shirt for VBS!

robot alien shirt for VBS!

I sized the base panel to cover the screen printing on one of B’s red T-shirts, and while I had a phone meeting that afternoon, I hand-basted it into place!  B was so excited about his robot shirt, and it made the work worthwhile!




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Well, another week of VBS is in the books!   We had a crazy-and-fun time again this year, and of course, I couldn’t resist coming up with headwear (and sometimes more…) for each of the nights’ themes.  You know that I love costumes of any kind!

We tried to color-coordinate the themes to the kids’ class colors (because of course, I need to make it more challenging!).  B was in the “Lil’ Red Rockets” preschool group, and V was in the “Galactic Green” kindergarten class.  Husband and I did a little bit of pre-planning and a tiny bit of advance work, but most of these were developed on the day itself…  I intended to do headbands for V and myself again (since they worked out so well last year), and my friend P gave the awesome suggestion of decorating a ball cap for B!  My headband for the week, upon which I based all of my crazy decorations, was actually a cover (made from THIS pattern–I’ve made countless headband covers over the years!) that I sewed from the hot pink bandana that we wore to designate ourselves as the snack team.  I also made a quick ruffly clip with more strips from the bandana to embellish the headband even further– I also used this clip to help stabilize and attach some of the pieces.

My friend J gave us a hand-me-down red hat that we used for B’s headwear.  It had a team logo on the front, but I used my VBS iron-on logo and turned it into a patch to go over it.  I ironed the logo onto some heavy-weight cotton, which I had interfaced with fuseable interfacing.  Then I satin-stitched a border around the logo and cut it out close to the outside edge of the stitching.  I hand-basted this “patch” onto the front of the hat, and I think it turned out really cute!


Monday night was space night.  I really, really wanted us each to have a rocket launching over our heads…and these creations, made from cardboard toilet paper tubes covered in paper with tissue paper flames, turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected!  I managed to rig them up well enough, though!

rocket selfie!  VBS day 1 (space theme)


Tuesday night was super hero night.  Husband and I brainstormed a few superheroes that had a signature color that coordinated with each of our kids’ group color.  We chose logos, and I used my Silhouette to die cut or print-and-cut those logos from cardstock.   In keeping with the bobbing-above-the-head tradition, I mounted them on wire and attached them to each kid’s head.  B’s was mounted on his hat, and V’s wrapped around her hair bun.  I’ll show you my superhero contribution in a future post…(I couldn’t think of any hot pink superheroes that had easily-recognizable logos, so I went with an apron!)



Wednesday night was color night– each kid dressed in their VBS T-shirt (a plain colored shirt with the iron-on logo affixed to the front), and I broke out the hair mascara from a few Halloweens ago and went to town on their hair.  The kids LOVED having their hair colored!  Vivian also wore a little ruffly hair clip I made from fabric scraps, and I painted her fingernails with green polish!


Vivian with Galactic Green hair

Thursday night was pajama night.  I liked the moon-and-stars idea that I’d done last year, so I just modified the attachments I’d made for V and myself.  For B, I cut out red stars from textured craft foam and made a white felt moon (a red moon felt a little too grim!).

pajama night for VBS!  I made moons and stars for us to wear on our heads

pajama night for VBS!  I made moons and stars for us to wear on our heads

Friday night was create-your-own alien night.  By the end of this crazy week, I thought I was clean out of ideas (we also had our upstairs hall bathroom remodel begin on Wednesday morning, and on Friday morning, they needed to cut into my craft room ceiling for some plumbing work…)  However, some ideas came together at the last minute!  I’m going to do a separate post about my son’s outfit, but I’ll show my cute aliens off here, too!  B was a red robot alien, and V was a green sparkly alien!  We combined an old Tinkerbell dress-up costume with a sequined jacket her sparkly alien costume, and I made antennae eyes with pompoms and green mesh, which we attached to her hair buns with wire.




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VBS headbands

It started out because Monday’s VBS had a theme of “nautical…”

At our church’s VBS, we have a ton of fun.  Each night has a theme, similar to a “spirit week” at school for homecoming or whatever.  I really love getting into the themes…

Anyway, I had no idea how to dress in a nautical way with what I had on hand, or help my daughter to do so, for that matter.  I got to thinking…  Boat-related…hmmm…maybe we could wear headbands with boats on them!!

The night before, I broke out the pipe cleaners…and then the floral wire because I had wimpy pipe cleaners, old scrapbook paper, and scraps of fabric–and my glue gun. (I went through so much glue gun glue this week!!)  While watching TV,  I made little paper boats with sails (similar to the one I made for B’s first birthday cake!) and tethered them to headbands for V and me.



The next night was “under sea” night.  Since the headband idea had worked the night before, I decided to continue with the theme, even though V had a mermaid costume to wear from her dress-up clothes.  I had a printed fabric panel with shells and fishes, so I fussy-cut them out with a matching felt backer.  (I made my blouse back in 2009!)



(Wednesday night was color night, so V wore her purple shirt.  I had ballet class, so I was unable to go myself.)

By Thursday, I had a reputation to live up to!  Thursday was pajama night, so I made moon-and-stars headbands for V and I to wear.  (See more about V’s robe HERE)



Friday was “wacky-tacky” night, and so I completed our outfits with heart headbands.  (Tutus HERE and HERE)



Each age group/class at VBS has a color associated with it– my daughter was a “Lil Purple Guppy,” and the adult support teams have colors, too– my team, the snack team, was aqua, and we received a color-coded bandanna to wear to identify ourselves.  I tried to make sure to incorporate our color (and in my case, pieces of my bandanna!) into our headbands each night!

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It’s VBS week at my church!  My daughter is in the “Purple Guppies” class, and so I wanted her to have something purple to wear on color night– getting into the spirit of the theme nights is part of the fun!  However, when I looked into her closet, I realized she literally had nothing purple in her currently-fitting wardrobe (besides her princess dresses, bathing suit, and ballet leotard, none of which are appropriate for playing and crafting at VBS!).

I did a quick look when we were out running errands and found nothing that I really liked.  However, I did find my own lavender T-shirt– one that I actually wore last year for VBS (the snacks crew had lavender as a team color).  Lavender is not a color I normally wear, so I was more than happy to sacrifice my T-shirt to become something that would be more well-loved.

A Pinterest search for something like “easy knit top girl” led me to THIS great flutter sleeve top (and free pattern).  Even though the pattern is nominally size 4T, I found it was the perfect fit for my girl, who is wearing size 5 or 6 girls’ clothes right now.  I pretty much followed the tutorial and pattern almost exactly as it was written– except that I upcycled a T-shirt rather than using woven fabric.  (I didn’t add pom-pom trim to to the bottom hem because I made use of the existing T-shirt hem ;-)).  Before I put the shirt pieces together, I fused the “Submerged” decal to the front of the shirt.






showing off one of her newly learned “flamingos” from ballet camp


This was a super-easy sew– a really fun diversion from some longer-term, more complex projects I’ve been working on.  It took me one nap/quiet time to finish!  I could definitely see myself making more of these…


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