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{On all the other “collage” type layouts besides this one, the photos are individually adhered to the cardstock mats.  For this layout, however, I created a custom clipping mask in Photoshop Elements and added my photos so that I could print them as one 8.5″x11″ enlargement.  The enlargement is cut between the leftmost strip of photos and the rest of the print to the right on the division between the two pages of the layout.}

{Write.Click.Scrapbook sketch by Francine Clouden, 07.22.2011}

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{Scrapbook PageMaps by Becky Fleck, page 45}

{Blue Bazaar Crop Boot Camp , layout 5}

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In each of the next three posts, I will be sharing a third of the layouts from the wedding scrapbook album.  Because the posts will be so image-heavy, I won’t include many words, but I will give credit below a layout when I used a sketch to inspire my design.

{Scrapbook PageMaps by Becky Fleck, page 85}

{Scrapbook PageMaps by Becky Fleck, page 85}

{Shimelle’s Scrapbook Sketch of the Week, 4.13.2011}

{Blue Bazaar Crop Boot Camp , layout 5}

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At last, feast your eyes on my wedding scrapbook album (ceremony + reception)!!

You can click on the collage photos for a larger view (though not very high quality- the file sizes were getting ridiculous!), and below each collage is a link to Two Peas in a Bucket, where you can page through the individual layouts. 

I am considering dividing the album into sections and posting individual photos of the layouts here on my blog in the next few days.  I also might take a few detail shots to share.  But for now, here is the whole album!

All of the ceremony layouts can be viewed in my gallery at Two Peas in a Bucket by clicking HERE.

All of the reception layouts can be viewed in my gallery at Two Peas in a Bucket by clicking HERE.

~ ~ ~

Really, these pages are best viewed in person (of course, all layouts are better in person!), so if you live nearby, I’d love to show you my album sometime!


cardstock: American Crafts (white textured), Core’dinations Navy Pearl (for die cut titles), Paper Reflections and the Paper Company (plain navy)
patterned paper: SEI White Elegance
rhinestones: Queen & Co.
Silhouette SD (die cut titles: fonts Palace Script MT Semi Bold, Copperplate Gothic)
journaling font: DJB NatalieScript (a custom font created from my own handwriting)
navy ribbon
navy machine stitching
adhesives: Scotch double-sided tape, Zig Glue Pen, Therm O Web foam adhesive

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I feel like trumpet fanfares should be playing and choirs singing, because my wedding scrapbook album (ceremony + reception) is finished!!

Mere minutes ago, I placed the last rhinestone on the last layout of my album, and I am so happy!  On Tuesday, I went to the craft store to find that not only were the rhinestones back in stock, but they were on sale buy-one-get-one-free!!  And when I got home Tuesday evening, the correct Silhouette SD mats had finally arrived in the mail (I had ordered the wrong ones the first time, and the second ones took forever to get here!).  So, I spent several hours Tuesday night and Wednesday cutting titles and adhering them to my layouts.  I saved the rhinestones for last!


  • 1 collection pack of SEI White Elegance cardstock (I cut into all but 3 of the sheets)
  • 34 sheets of American Crafts white textured cardstock
  • 3 sheets of Core’dinations Foundations Navy Pearls cardstock
  • 5 packages of Queen & Co. Snowflake rhinestones (just the smallest ones in the pack!)
  • uncounted sheets of plain navy blue cardstock
  • uncounted inches (yards??) of navy blue ribbon in 4 widths
  • unmeasured lines of navy blue machine stitching
  • new Silhouette SD mats and a new blade
  • unknown quantities of double-sided tape, glue pen glue, and foam adhesive
  • countless hours of text writing, photo editing, layout planning, font choosing, title designing, layout constructing…

have resulted in a wedding album that I love!

But you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the final product.  It is going to take quite some time to take photos and get them all edited and ready for the blog. Plus, I have to figure out the best way to show 34 layouts (whoa).

Boy, I really hope I haven’t built this thing up too high.  It was a huge undertaking for me, and I am so happy with the final outcome, but I hope with all my “hype”, you readers aren’t disappointed!


(Special thanks should go to the Paperclipping Roundtable for providing hours and hours of entertaining scrapbook podcasts!  I pretty much exclusively listened to them while I was working on this album– I couldn’t watch TV or movies or listen to music…  And now I’m all caught up with the archive and am going to have to wait for the new ones each week…)

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First of all, I would like to publicly wish Husband a happy anniversary!  We had a wonderful evening to celebrate — dinner out, dessert in.  I am just so blessed to have him.  These five years have been beyond wonderful, and it makes me so happy to think of our years together ahead!

~ ~ ~

But I have a confession:  the wedding scrapbook is still unfinished.

Oh, I have excuses… and some of them are even good ones.  But the unfortunate fact is: I didn’t meet my self-imposed deadline.

In lieu of a finished album, today you’re going to get some sneak peeks!

Here’s what it looked like on Wednesday, all stacked on my ironing board, which has been “volunteering” as a storage bench:

At the start of yesterday morning, I had it all spread out again in the guest room.  The ceremony layouts are on the floor, since there are fewer of them:

and the reception layouts have taken over the bed (that is a crib mattress leaning against the foot of the bed.  The guest room is also the current repository for our growing stash of baby gear.  We will be converting my craft room into a nursery… probably sooner rather than later!)

Here are my excuses:

  • I thought I’d run out of navy cardstock late on Thursday.  On Friday, when I was hunting a scrap of paper for another project, I discovered a few more largish bits of it in a different scrap box–but I still have one layout to put together:  the page with our wedding vows (just text, no photos)
  • I need more clear rhinestones, and when I went to the craft store to get them on Friday, they were completely and entirely cleaned out of them, and the girl at the counter couldn’t tell me when they’d get more.
  • I still don’t have my Silhouette cutting mats.
  • Because I don’t have my new mats yet, I have put off purchasing the shimmer paper to cut my titles.  (I’m going to another craft store for that today.)  I did however “screen” fonts yesterday and have narrowed them down.  I need to do some test cuts to see what looks best.

So, really, the remaining bits are very manageable.  One layout.  Titles.  Rhinestones.  I’m saving the rhinestones for last; almost like the icing on the cake!  A reward for myself for finishing this huge project.

But really, even though it’s not finished, I am extremely pleased with the results (so far).  My craft time has been dedicated almost exclusively to this project for the entire month of July, and I have a lot to show for it!  My new goal is to finish by the end of next week.  As happy as I am with this album, I am ready to move on to some other projects!

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I am excited about my progress, so I just had to share.  As of this morning, I have two and a half single page layouts to put together, and then I can add captions, titles, and rhinestones (I decided on the clear faceted ones!).  I’m in the home stretch!!  The finished ceremony+reception album will have 17 spreads (a combination of single-page and double-page layouts).


of course, then there’s the “getting ready” and the honeymoon, and the second reception….  but I’ll think about that later!

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I decided to do a bit of a “series” on my blog about my wedding album, since I’ve been making kind of a big deal about it being one of my goals for 2011.  This album is the place where I’m going to showcase the story of our wedding in my own words, and the non-professional photos that friends & family took and shared with me.  I have decided to impose a deadline on myself: I hope/intend to finish the ceremony and reception layouts by my 5th anniversary (July 29).  While I’m not going to share any of my layouts until the entire album is finished, I will be posting about my process before then!  (See all the posts in this series by clicking HERE.)

~ ~ ~

I mentioned in my previous post that I am creating this scrapbook album to (hopefully) have a clean-lined, elegant look.  I also want the pages for the ceremony+reception to feel coordinated.  With these two objectives in mind, I decided to keep the product list small. I also want to note that while I have in the past created series of pages with the same (or similar) sets of products, this is the first time that I’ve done a whole full-sized album this way.  The ceremony+reception will be covered in about 17 pairs of pages (34 12″x12″s), which is the biggest “themed” project I’ve ever undertaken.


One of my excuses as to why I hadn’t started my album for all of these years was that I hadn’t found the right papers.  Well, that changed back in January of this year, when I saw a blog post with a peek at the White Elegance line S.E.I. introduced at CHA-W 2011 (yes, I read a lot of scrapbooking blogs, and yes, I do actually keep tabs–to a certain degree–on the new product releases at the CHA trade shows… What can I say?  I find the scrapbook industry fascinating!).  I remember sending an excited email to Joanna that maybe–just maybe!!– I’d finally found the perfect papers for my album.  I was after seeing the papers that I first envisioned this album as white-on-white with just touches of navy.  I finally got a chance to see the papers in person when I went with her to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in April, and right then and there, I bought myself the collection pack.  The papers are white with a creamy white pearlized foil treatment in 12 different patterns.  The patterns are elegant, traditional, and subtle— exactly what I was looking for!  (You can sort of see the nice shimmery-ness of the papers in the photo above, but they’re much prettier in person)

Each of the pages is on a plain white textured cardstock background– I’ve been plowing through the American Crafts cardstock packs I bought at the CKC!  The only other paper that I have used on the pages is (smooth) plain navy cardstock (the kind you get in the multipacks at any big craft retailer, usually Paper Reflections or The Paper Company brand) to mat the photos and some of the patterned paper blocks; and plain white cardstock, on which the journaling will be printed.


The embellishment list is even smaller than the paper list.  I’m using navy satin ribbon of various widths (the widest, which you can see at the top left of the photo above, is actually ribbon that came tied around a blanket we received as a wedding gift!  It was the perfect shade of dark navy.).  I will also be using some form of adhesive rhinestones.  I haven’t decided (as of writing this blog post) whether I’ll use clear faceted rhinestones or pearls.  The pages also feature a small amount of sewing machine stitching with navy thread.

Alphas and font(s)

This is the part that I still haven’t completely figured out quite yet.

I know that the journaling will be typed on the computer and printed out.  The main reason for this is that I already have my journaling written out on the computer, and it is easier to keep it consistent and control how it fits onto the pages by using text boxes.  I will probably use the Garamond font (which is really one of my all-time favorites)… but there is also the strong chance that I will decide to use one of the lovely fonts that I recently had made from my actual handwriting.  (Thank you, Write.Click.Scrapbook and Darcy Baldwin!)

The titles (and not every page will have a title, since this is a themed album) are even more of a mystery to me right now.  I have some vague sense of how I want them to look, and I think I want them to be navy (for instance, the Making Memories Tie the Knot Alpha Pearl stickers are lovely, but I don’t think they’d show up on my white-on-white pages).  I haven’t done too much searching for alpha stickers yet, but from what I’ve seen so far, navy is nearly (if not actually) impossible to find.  I will most likely use my Silhouette to cut my titles, and when I was in the store the other day, I saw navy pearlized cardstock by Core’dinations that might be just the paper I’ll use.  But I haven’t decided yet!  Plus, I need to get my hands on a new Silhouette cutting mat.

A note about how I’m actually making the pages…

At the time of posting this blog post, about 15 of the approximately 34 planned 12″x12″ pages are around 90% finished**.  I’ve adhered the paper, stitched, and attached most of the ribbon, but I haven’t finalized all the ribbon placement yet, and I haven’t added any of the rhinestones.  I’ve used scrap paper to mark where the journaling blocks will go, and as I said above, the titles are still in a vague, ethereal mist in my mind…  The fact that the pages aren’t fully completed yet is mostly intentional:  because I want all the layouts to be similar, I will add those final touches at the end of my process, when all of the pages are mostly constructed, which will help tie everything together even more.  Once all the pages are finished, I will adhere them into the navy strap-hinge album.

**This is one reason I’m not ready to share any on the blog yet!

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I decided to do a bit of a “series” on my blog about my wedding album, since I’ve been making kind of a big deal about it being one of my goals for 2011.  This album is the place where I’m going to showcase the story of our wedding in my own words, and the non-professional photos that friends & family took and shared with me.  I have decided to impose a deadline on myself: I hope/intend to finish the ceremony and reception layouts by my 5th anniversary (July 29).  While I’m not going to share any of my layouts until the entire album is finished, I will be posting about my process before then!  (See all the posts in this series by clicking HERE.)

~ ~ ~

On Thursday, I placed my final print order of my reception photos (wooooo hooooooo!), and as I was editing & resizing for hours and hours, I was thinking about how this album is very different in some ways from my normal method of scrapbooking… but at the same time, it’s very similar.  This post will be dedicated to how I went about planning and organizing my wedding scrapbook album– specifically the ceremony and reception layouts.  It’s going to be a long post, because I’ve spent nearly 5 years thinking about how I wanted this album to come together!


The journaling was the first thing I did.  This album is different from the professional photo album that was made by our photographer (which, by the way, is beautiful) because it is my opportunity to tell the story of our wedding day in my (our) own words.  It is really important to me that there is text on a majority of the pages so that this isn’t just another pretty photo album.

I sat down over the course of a few days (this was back in January) and looked through all of my photos (professional and amateur) and the small stack of ephemera I’ve saved from that day.  I typed up all the things I could remember from the day– the facts, the feelings, anything that popped into my head.  As I typed, I arranged it in chronological order.  (I wish, wish, wish that I had done this much sooner.  Writing this journaling was really hard, partly because the memories are precious, and partly because I knew I had forgotten so much.)

As I add the journaling to my layouts, I will most likely continue to revise and refine it until it tells the story in a way that I am happy with, and in a way that works with the scrapbook album.

Layout organization

Based on the stories I wrote down and the photos that I had, I wrote out a master list of the topics I wanted my wedding scrapbook album to cover.  (If you look closely at the photo of my list, you might even be able to see that I also included our second reception and our honeymoon in this master list.  Ideally, I want to finish these layouts by the end of 2011, too, but we’ll see.)

I have already scrapbooked the rehearsal dinner (way back in 2007, I think!  It was a long time ago…), and I have designated an album (or two) to hold all the layouts starting with the rehearsal dinner all the way through our honeymoon.  With this in mind, I went through the master list and marked each 2-page spread.  (Note: this is how I plan all of my albums.  If you look at my big stuff-to-scrapbook list, you will see little horizontal lines to delineate all the 2-page spreads!  Yes, I am Type A.  We’ve established this!)

After I marked out the layout spreads on my list, I marked on a printout of my journaling what text would correspond to which layouts.  As I’ve been working on my pages, I have revised the layout spreads and moved them around to fit the photos and my story.

Album design

I want my wedding album to be as timeless as possible, so I decided to go for a white-on-white color scheme with navy blue accents (the bridesmaids wore navy blue; Wedgwood blue was my other wedding color, but it is even harder to find Wedgwood blue papers, ribbons, and embellishments than navy!).  While I absolutely love lots of layers and embellishment clusters on my layouts, as I looked through a few places (for instance:  this wedding album I saw linked from– I think– Nat’s blog, and especially this gorgeous album for an old online class at Two Peas) for wedding album inspiration, I fell in love with a clean, simple/minimalist, graphic look.  This is not quite my typical scrapbooking style (though I seem to be moving that way sometimes, because I just love it), so I have adapted it to include some more layers, etc.

I will devote another post to the supplies I’ve chosen for my scrapbook album.


Now the biggest and hardest part of the process began: choosing photos and planning the layouts.

I have had intentions to start working on my album ever since my wedding (no big surprise) and back in 2007, I actually did go through my non-professional photos, chose “highlights”, and got them printed in big batches.  All in 4″x6″ prints.  ::sigh::  While it is lovely to have prints of all of my favorites, it was unrealistic for me to actually make my wedding scrapbook with them– it would have been HUGE! So when I sat down to make the album this year, I went back to the master set of ALL the photos and started choosing my favorites again (aided by my photo album of favorites).

In order to do this, I placed the “master set” of amateur photos into its own album in PSE7 (the software I use for organizing & editing my photos) and I created highlight albums for the ceremony and reception.  I worked on one topic at a time: I chose a topic from my list and flipped virtually through the AllWedding album, dragging my favorites for that topic into the appropriate highlight album.  Once I had picked my semi-finalist photos, I looked at just those pictures and chose the finalists, removing the others from the highlights album.

Knowing that I wanted clean lines, lots of white space, and an elegant but graphic look, I sketched out each layout based on the number of photos I had for it.  Sometimes, for inspiration, I flipped through the sketch cards I have from Becky Fleck’s PageMaps book, sometimes I used sketches I have saved from online sources (Shimelle, a Crop Boot Camp pdf I have from Blue Bazaar that is no longer easily found online)… but mostly the designs came out of my own little head.  Another thing that really helped me while I was planning my layouts was to have a background sheet of cardstock on my desk and use pieces of scrap paper cut into different sizes to visualize the final photo arrangements on the pages.  (I often do this when I’m planning layouts ahead of time.)  And as it is to be expected from me, the final layouts don’t always look like the sketches I made!  But it gave me a starting point for photo sizing.

Since a lot of the photos are dark, I did a bit of photo editing.  I used actions from Pioneer Woman and Willette for most of the editing, because let’s face it– they’re professional photographers and I’m not.  They know how to fix things way better than me– I’m just stuck with the little slider bars and a PSE7 manual!  For those precious moments that were blurry, I went a bit artsy with the editing so that I could salvage them.

I am using a combination of color, black-and-white, and sepia-toned photos throughout the album, but mostly the photos are in color.

I edited, cropped, and fit the photos onto 4″x6″ canvases and ordered batches of photos from Shutterfly (my preferred online photo printing site– not only do I pretty much always have a coupon for some number of free prints, but I think they print good quality pictures, and I think their online interface is nice).  Very few of the photos ended up as full 4″x6″ prints– this is mostly because I wanted to fit as many photos as possible into my scrapbook album, and I wanted lots of white space on my layouts.

And then it was time to start creating those layouts.

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