I’m trying to keep my scrapbook momentum going as much as possible this year, so when I had some time the other day, I started another layout for my Disney 2016 album.  This layout directly precedes the “Grand Entrance” layout– it will be the very first full 12×12 layout in the album (as far as I have it planned right now; there will be several pocket page layouts before this.  There may be an overall title page, but I don’t have a plan for that yet).

Even though I want to keep the momentum going, I was actually feeling a bit stumped when I started this layout.  I looked through a list of inspiration I’ve been keeping, and came across this screenshot of a Shimelle live video from back in July that I watched in August.  See, I really don’t want to get caught in the cycle of forever consuming scrapbooking content and not actually making anything, and so whenever I watch one of Shimelle’s live videos, I make a point of taking a screenshot and writing down just ONE idea that could inspire me later.  In this particular case, both the screenshot and the idea came into play.

Here’s the screenshot:

And the idea I wrote down was, “Add MOAR.”  Those of you who watch Shimelle’s FB Live videos will understand this reference/joke, which is to keep adding layers, embellishments, and things to the layout until it is satisfyingly full.

I happened to have two horizontal 4×6 photos ready for this layout, so I forged ahead.  I started by using two patterned papers as the background, one framing the other.  I built the rest of the layers on top of that, positioning my photos like Shimelle’s (but on the right side because of where the people are looking) and using a horizontal band across the lower third… I added lots of little bits and pieces of layers, including a sticker I’d had lying on my desk for literally years (it is so satisfying to know that I finally used it, and it’s just what I needed).  I added some more, and then some MOAR…and I loved the layered effect.



And then! I decided my patterned paper background was just much, and especially too much when I considered the layout that comes next in the album.

So the next morning, I took off the photo block and all the layers that surrounded it, and I moved the whole business onto a white textured background instead.  Ahh.  Now the photos stand out like they should, and there are still lots of little layers (and I added MOAR after I made the background change).  I ran a line of stitching around the edge to add some subtle definition, and I am so much happier!


Last January, I was on a roll!  I was participating in a scrapbook Facebook group with great challenges, and I was making lots of progress on the first part of my Disney 2016 scrapbook.  I started– and nearly finished– a layout about my daughter meeting Belle on our very first day in Disney World.  We had an absolutely magical experience at “Enchanted Tales with Belle.”  As I was about to write the journaling, I realized that the story was pretty big, and it needed more space, more pages, really, to be adequately told.

This particular experience– the very first attraction we saw (and my children’s first-ever at Disney World) was so magical and meaningful that I wanted to take my time and tell the whole story.  It is definitely one of the very top highlights of the entire trip.

I took a step back and started organizing and planning some pocket pages that would help tell the rest of the story, but I needed more photos to be printed.  It took me a while to get that order ready and sent off, so this story and that layout has been waiting for almost a year to be finished!  And it’s still not done.  haha.

So this post is about the first of the pocket pages to start telling the story (I’ll show the original 12×12 layout in a future post, don’t worry, haha!).  Really, this page starts before we even get to Belle!


Part of this page was made last year, and I finally finished it up the other day when I was trying to decide which scrapbook project to do next to keep up my creative momentum.  I didn’t have much time, and I was feeling a bit stumped, so I decided this would be a good intermediate project since it had been started already.

The story begins right after our “grand entrance” into Magic Kingdom on our very first day in Disney World.  The “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen” card from one of the Starshine cut-apart sheets was absolutely perfect for this page!

We took some family photos on Main Street with the Castle (they will be on the front of this pocket page), and then the Photopass photographer took some with just my daughter in the Belle dress that I’d made for her.  I cut them square and added them into the two vertical pockets on the left side of the page.  To connect them, I designed these pockets as one long 4″x12″ section, so the banners are split between the two pockets.  I fussy-cut florals from one of the Starshine papers to add more embellishment.



I ended up making a flip-up on the top right of the page, since I had more story and photos than I could fit here (and they wouldn’t fit in the next insert).


I made a hinge on the outside of the page protector with washi tape (so it’s pretty) covered with packing tape (so it’s strong) and re-punched the hole in the page protector.


I also tell the tiny story of how sweet and serious my little boy was to meet Princess Belle at the end of the attraction.




Denim aprons

For Christmas this year, I sewed my mother-in-law and father-in-law personalized denim aprons!

Photo Dec 27, 3 21 50 PM

Photo Dec 27, 3 22 08 PM

Using a (store bought) apron as a guide, I created a pattern from which I created these aprons.  My mother-in-law’s came first: I machine-embroidered it with a lovely design from Embroidery Library in a thread color that I thought she would like.  The apron and pockets are lined with a coordinating cotton print, and I added ruffles at the top of the “neckline” and edging the pockets.

2019-12-20 14.29.12

My father-in-law’s apron is wider at the top, and is lined with a golf-ball-and-tee patterned fabric.  On the front of his apron, I machine-embroidered a golf bag (the design was pre-loaded on my machine) using colors of his favorite university teams.  Instead of tying behind his neck, the strap is adjustable using a little buckle.

2019-12-20 14.26.50

I’m pleased with how well these aprons turned out, since I made up the pattern myself!

Shell bag

Speaking of beach-themed projects (because who doesn’t want to think about a little warmth in the middle of winter, right?), I made this bag for shelling right before we left for our Christmas vacation in Florida.

Photo Dec 22, 4 34 07 PM

I combined ideas that I’d seen in a few internet searches to create this bag: I’m still calling it a prototype, because there are things I would change about it in future iterations, most notably, I will shorten the bag’s length, and I’ll change the order in which I construct it.

However, I liked that I made a wrist strap to hold it rather than a shoulder or cross-body style (I saw a number of these as I was on the beach, as well as online), because it was just right for the way I carry shells.  I also liked that it doesn’t have a closure at the top, because I didn’t want to mess around with trying to open it if I had a handful of shells to put inside!


This bag turned out to be great for collecting shells, and I came home with quite a delightful haul!

I’ll be making a couple more of these bags with the remaining netting I have on hand so that my kids each have their own for the next time we go to the beach!


Ever since I made my first Joni dress (from Tilly and the Buttons’ Stretch <– affiliate link), I knew that I wanted to make another!  In fact, I purchased fabric for to make this dress last May, but I didn’t end up cutting it out until right before my ankle surgery in September.  It was one of the projects I was able to finish soon after my surgery because I had it prepped!

Photo Dec 24, 5 17 19 PM

However, the fabric and the sleeve style I had chosen weren’t really quite right for winter-in-Maryland, and so I thought I might have to wait until spring to actually wear it!  And then I realized we were going to the BEACH for Christmas!

This dress was perfect for a Christmas Eve church service in a more tropical locale, and my sweet Husband helped me take photos with the Gulf of Mexico as the backdrop.  So pretty!

Photo Dec 24, 5 18 30 PMIMG_0790

The sleeves are altered to flutter as per a tutorial in the book.  I love how I can make the same basic dress look so different by changing the fabric and the sleeves!



As soon as I finished my “Hello, Ducks” layout, I started in on this one!  (It’s so nice to have crafty momentum…)


Last fall, when I was laid up after my ankle surgery, I received a goody box from Therm O Web (I won a giveaway through Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine) full of their Metallix gels and a Stencil Pal.  At the time, I wasn’t capable of standing for long enough to use the products right away, even though I was itching to try them out.  So I had plenty of time to daydream about how I would give the gels a shot– this is a medium I’ve been really hoping to try for a while!

For this layout, I cut a stencil with my Silhouette Cameo: it’s the Star Background from Paige Evans (I got it in her Facebook group).  I used black textured card stock, because in one of the early iterations of my plan for this page, the filmstrip was also cut from that same card stock, and this way, I could cut everything at once.  (as you can see, I changed my mind and cut a white filmstrip frame in the end.)

I got out my brand new jar of Aged Copper Metallix and my Stencil Pal and got to work!

It was so FUN!!  It was really quick, and it was so exciting to lift my stencil and see the textured stars left behind on my background paper.  I will definitely be using this technique again!  (I’m also hoping to use pieces of the gel-covered card stock stencil on the facing pocket page to this layout).

I let the gel dry overnight, because I didn’t have time to go farther with the layout that day…but the layout came together really quickly after that!

This was one of the layouts that I’d sketched out when I was planning the Epcot pages in my Disney 2016 album, so I had a solid idea where the photos would go.  I added some layers of tissue paper to soften the background under the photos so they wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the bold star pattern, and I added some navy patterned paper strips (Shimelle Starshine) to pull in the navy of my son’s coat.


With such a striking background, I didn’t need much else: just my wood veneers (Studio Calico) and gold glitter enamel dots to embellish.


I added my journaling on a Project Life (Jade Edition) card.



P.S. Since I used a new-to-me product and a new-to-me technique, I’m entering this into the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge Blog “Something New” challenge.

After a month of sewing projects (most notably, several Christmas gifts), I was excited to get back to paper scrapbooking– especially since I’m physically more able to stand at my craft studio island to work now that my ankle is healing!

The first scrapbook layout that I made in 2020 is…drumroll please….



This page features four photos of my cutie pie not-yet-two-year-old son, enjoying the ducks in Epcot almost as much as anything else we saw that day.

There isn’t a huge story to go with the photos, but his fascination with the ducks was a sweet memory from that day, and I wanted to make sure to highlight it on a full layout in my 2016 Disney trip album.


The papers that I used for this layout are almost all from Shimelle’s Starshine collection, except for the yellow “hello” print, which I had in my stash and was the perfect compliment to the Shimelle #stickerbook “hello” speech bubble that I used with the title.


As I’ve done on every layout for this album, I made sure to include some wood veneer pieces (the stars are from Lawn Fawn) and enamel dots… …and of course a “hidden” Mickey.